DHC Olive Body Butter

Sorry for the rather dark image here, the sun went into hiding!

With this Winter weather, my skin gets dry, and it sometimes needs a bit of a pick me up, I have been trying out this Olive Body butter, it is available to buy and launches on January 1st.
It was wonderful for both my body and hands, and left my skin feeling quenched, soft and smooth. Although it says Olive it actually smells very floral and fruity, which i really liked, I can't quite pin point all the smells, but it is really nice.

I used this body butter everyday, it's lovely to apply after a bath or shower, and it has really helped prevent dry skin, especially on my hands which always suffer when Winter is around.
I have also been putting it in my school bag as it is really lovely to use on my hands when I am on the go, and on my legs just before I go outside for PE. It is a perfect size for carrying around in the bag.

With the smell and smooth lovely feeling after use, I'd say it's a really lovely body butter, and I really would recommend getting it when it comes out in January.

*This was a PR sample but ALL views are my own*


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