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Dress// ASOS   Jacket// TK Maxx  Shoes// New Look

The title of this is from a very well known Beatles song (baby you can drive my car) I did this, because this dress is 60s inspired, so it seemed only fitting to give it a name from such a major band, that was big (and still big now) in the 60s.
This is such a lovely dress, from ASOS, I love it, it has white buttons going all the way up the back, sadly I do not have a photo of that (sorry) but I love the whit panelling around the neck and bottom of the dress, they say every girl should have a little black dress, and this dress makes it the perfect little black dress for me, the white panelling makes it unique, and because it's 60s inspired, it makes it even better, as I just love 60s fashion, it really was the time when sub-cultures were starting to form, and fashion was becoming edgy and expressive.
I paired it with my leather jacket to give it an urban edge. Of course the New Look chunky shoes are back too, they are my favourite shoes for this Autumn!

What's your favourite era? And what's your favourite Autumn Shoes?


  1. Love your outfit especially those shoes !!!


  2. I have nominated u for an award on my latest blo post! ❤️❤️