OY! Soft Glow Gradual Tan

Hello all,

It's that time of year, the sun has gone away, and the nights are getting longer. No longer will I have the glow that summers gives everyone, or at least that is what I thought.

For the past 2 weeks I have been trying 'OY! Soft Glow Gradual Tan' hoping that it might make our short English summers feel that little bit longer. This was actually my first time trying any sort of tan, I'd never tried it before, so was a little scared, but was reassured by the words 'Gradual tan' 

So lets start with the smell, I know a lot of fake tans have a nasty smell to them, which can put some people off. This has a sent of vanilla, orange and mandarin, it does smell quite nice, I still think there might be the faintest hint of fake tan smell, but compared to the smell of other fake tans, this is really gorgeous.

This tan has Anti-acne formula, which is perfect for teens, to help prevent those nasty breakouts, when I was using it I had one or two spots, but didn't have a dreaded breakout at all!

So how well does it tan? It was definitely very gradual, it was hard to see at first a noticeable difference, but I didn't mid that, as I at least I was not turning orange. I suppose it was not really a tan, but more of a radiant glow, which I prefer, as I don't look too sun kissed in winter.

When applying the product, it was quite thick and at first reasonably hard to rub in, but it was quite refreshing and nice after I got used to the thickness of the product. I applied it to my face and neck.

So I would give the 7/10 it is a lovely product, that gives a lovely sun kissed glow, that's not orange but very natural, it smells lovely compared to other tans, and is perfect for teenagers, as it's not fake looking and helps keep spots at bay! I definitely recommend this products and you can get a 50ml tube for £11.95 at Green People.

*This was a PR sample-but all views are my own!

Do you use Fake Tan in Winter?

Mia xoxo


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