Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay cosmetics, has been going for about 50 years, and it is now in 35 markets around the world.
I have been trying out some products from the "Mary Kay at Play" range. This range is great for teens, the packaging and colours are definitely good for teens.

Let's start with the lip crayon. I got mine in 'Toasted' as first I though it was going to be a very deep red, which I was a little worried about, as I never think, red suits me. I was actually really surprised by the colour, as it was actually really neutral, and I now wear it to school everyday, as it just adds a hint of red to my lips, nothing too bright, so it is also really good for Autumn. It lasted for about 3 hours, before I had to apply more. It helped nourish and moisturise my lips, so all in all I am very impressed with this lip crayon. This has an RRP of £7.50

The eye crayon, I tried was in "In The Navy"I love navy makeup, as it is a great colour, that goes with a lot of colours, and it's not as dark as black, which is one of the main reasons why I like it. This eye crayon lasted again for about 3 hours, before it started to smudge. The main con I had with this, was that it was quite chunky, so it was hard to get dainty and smaller lines. This sells for £7.50

The jelly lip gloss in "Teddy Bare" was probably my favourite, as it was such a natural colour, it add a lovely shine to my lips and really did make them feel nourished. This lasted for about 4 hours, and I was just really impressed with the overall quality of it. This also retails for £7.50

The Just for eyes holiday set, is limited edition set, and has some beautiful very pigmented shades. I loved the gold and brown shade, they had such lovely shin and glitter to them. It lasted for about 5 hours, which I'd say is not too bad, it's great for casual and party looks. This set retails for £9

Just for lips holiday set, again this is limited edition. I loved how glossy this set was, it was great, it made my lips feel nice too, and had a lovely little bit of sparkle too. I loved the middle colour, which was the light/clear colour with lots of sparkle, I sometimes use this for school too. The only con I have, is this makeup does smell a little like children's makeup, but apart from that it is a lovely set. This set is £9

I know there are not any swatches, but there are swatches to come, I will put them o my social media pages.

All these items are great, to create casual and gorgeous party looks too, so great for any Christmas party coming up!

*This was a PR sample but all views are my own*


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