Lucky Eyes London

I love wearing bracelets, out of all types of jewellery bracelets are what I wear the most, possibly because they are reasonably easy to conceal  when I am at school.

These gorgeous bracelets that I am wearing above are from Lucky Eyes London (Click here). Lucky Eyes London, is an online jewellery store, that contains necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. The site is gorgeous, and designed beautifully, and I can say there is honestly not a single thing that I don't like on there.

The colours of my bracelets are gorgeous and I think they go really well together, they are very dainty and small, which I like, I never really wear big bulky bracelets. The designs are very girly and cute, perfect for yourself or giving as a gift.

There was only one con I had, and that was the price. They are not the cheapest bracelets ever, but they are amazing quality, so I think it balances out the price, the friendship bracelets range from £35.00-£69.00 so on a teenagers budget a little hard to buy. I think they would be lovely gifts from parents though, and they are amazing quality like I said.

My 3 bracelets are friendship bracelets, and these exact designs are not on the site but there are very similar, but if you are interested in the exact bracelets I have, send an email to and the words 'Teenage Beauty Blogger' to get a little more info.

They came beautifully packaged, in a box and a pink velvet bag, sadly I don't have a photo of the velvet bag (sorry) but it was gorgeous, and a really lovely touch.

Mia xoxo

*This was a PR sample-but all views are my own*