Guest Post|| Making Your Lashes look Big and Full

Hi All,

Today I have got a guest post for you from the lovely Danielle, please enjoy!

Making Your Lashes look Big and Full

When it comes to your eyes you want to play it safe, you want those long Kardashian lashes but you don’t want to lose your eyes in the process. There are a few methods out there for making your eyelashes look longer, the most popular is applying fake eyelashes. These are applied as a full or partial lot of lashes that are applied using a special glue directly onto your eyelid. You can attempt to do this yourself as many do because it is quite cheap, or you can choose to get it done by a professional. I prefer to do it myself because I know that they are going to do it well and I have more choice over the lashes. It’s a little more expensive but at least I know it’s going to look good in the end!
There are also a bunch of serums that have come out recently that promise to enhance the growth of your lashes, if you do a quick search you will find a few popular methods that people swear by.

The other option that is getting more and more popular is eyelash extensions. Eyelash Extensions are little more complex; they must be applied by a professional using a specific glue. This method uses synthetic individual lashes, made of either acrylic or silk, that are applied directly onto your existing lashes to make them appear fuller and longer. You can choose whether to have only the outer half applied a full set at a variety of lengths, what you choose obviously affects the price and amount of time it takes. Because this process is a little more demanding it is obviously more expensive than fake lashes, this is why I save up and go to Lash Design for prom, my friends big birthdays (like sweet 16!) or my sister’s wedding. They are definitely worth the time and money because they look amazing, but definitely something to treat yourself with for an occasion.


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