Candy Kittens & Questions Answered By Jamie Laing

Hello All,

So I know I have been M.I.A (it's my name too, sorry bad pun) but don't worry I am back, and today I think you guys might really really enjoy todays post, especially you Made In Chelsea fans.

So let's talk Candy Kittens, it is a store, that combines my favourite things Sweets, Fashion and Stationary, when first looking at the online store, it's safe to say I really did think I died and went to heaven. Candy Kittens is also stocked in Harvey Nichols stores nationwide!

Candy Kittens were actually at Company Blogger Forum, when I went, and I got my hands on a 'Yea Boi' Pop. At first I refused to eat it, partially because I was trying to eat totally healthy and also because it looked too pretty to eat, but I am a girl with no self control, so one late night revision session, I could not quite contain myself... I ate it.  It was soo good, I definitely prefer sweets to chocolate, and it was actually really good for my revision because I stayed up most of the night, as I was on a bit of a sugar high!

To make me even more excited, actually to the point , that I might spontaneously combust, in October they launched their AW 13/14 Candy Kittens look book. so check out their latest gorgeous products Here!

I wanted to show you my favourite items on the site now, because I have to show somebody, or I might burst, sadly my attempt of showing my twin brother was a massive fail, but he is more of a chocolate person than a sweets person!

My top 4 (from left to right) Pencil tubesKitten Necklace, Pink Pocket Notebook and Sweet Life Crop SweatShirt

As you can see it's obvious I am a total sucker for stationary, but my my favourite piece has to be the necklace, I just love how dainty it is! Don't worry boys, there is some things on the site for you to look dapper in too!

Now you Made In Chelsea fans, will know that the brain behind this slice of Heaven is none other than Jamie Laing, the Made In Chelsea star. I must say I am little behind on the Made In Chelsea band wagon, for some bizarre reason I didn't watch it when it first started, as it clashed with another programme, but I can't remember for the life of me what that programme was (shows it was really worth while) anyway, due to this I have been watching it on Netflix, but have only just finished season 1! I know I know I am so far behind, so shhh... don't ruin any surprises for me!

I was very lucky enough to get some questions answered by Jamie himself. I am really not the best at thinking up questions quickly, usually it takes me a good 24 hours to think of good ones, so these are not my best!

1) What inspired you to create Candy Kittens?
Whilst I was at Uni, although studying Drama, I became very interested in all things business. This is when I decided that I always only wanted to work for myself so I racked my brains for potential business ideas. As we all know I am such a big lover of sweets, and I have always thought that the severe majority of sweets are aimed towards children, packaged cheaply and not overly exciting, I decided that I wanted to make a stylish, premium and sexy confectionary brand for the more discerning consumer. This is where Candy Kittens was born. 

2)What's your favourite item in stock right now?
 I love the 'Don't Grow Up it's a Trap' jumper! It's a motto true to my heart, after all I do have a tattoo of Peter Pan on my arm. Who wants to grow up anyway?

3) Where do you see Candy Kittens in 5 years time?
I've always aimed big and my dream would be to have Candy Kittens as a leading premium confectionary brand recognised worldwide.

4) If you could have any model/actress modelling for Candy Kittens (dead or alive) who would it be?
This is a tough one! Natalie Portman would be the most sophisticated dreamy Candy Kittens babe I could ever imagine, I think she would take some convincing though! 

I know Halloween finished yesterday, and you are all probably already filled to the brim with sugar and sweets, but how could you not resist this trendy candy? I know my mouth is watering just writing this post (metaphorically)

What's your favourite item from Candy Kittens?

Mia xoxo


  1. I love the necklace too! It looks so pretty! I am a bit of a MIC addict but for some reason I didn't start watching it from the start either!:)

  2. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my blog for more details :)