Being part of Access All Asos

October 23rd, Ryan Reynolds' birthday, and also the day I found out I got a place with Access All ASOS otherwise known as ASOS Insiders. This is an exclusive part of ASOS, where there are special invites to events, news and products, it's all very exciting.

I applied a while back, and I didn't think I would ever get in, but nothing ventured nothing gained, so I sent in my application none the less. On the day October 3rd, I cam home to a lovely little parcel on my doorstep, it was so excited. The parcel was beautifully wrapped, and my gift was specialised for me, which was such a wonderful touch.

I was given a fortune cookie (which didn't last for long), a charming pencil - for me to write all my beauty notes with and some glamorous nail wraps which I will be reviewing very soon.

I have already been apart of a few projects with Access All ASOS one of which was the 'spooky surprise' if you saw my Instagram or Twitter feed on Halloween, you would've seen some scary selfies on my feed. I was sent a massive poster, taller than me (although that's not saying much, I am pretty short). They also kindly sent me some Blu-Tak to put it up, and some delightful nail varnishes, which I will be reviewing soon. Anyways if you didn't see the selfies that I produced then here are 2, scary selfies I created.

The last project I have gotten involved in so far, was very exciting, I was given a sent copy of 'It' signed by the author herself, Alexa Chung. This is a book I have been awe of, but had put off buying it, as I wanted to finish reading another book, before I purchased another. Luckily I finished my book just as I was sent 'It' absolutely perfect timing, it was like ASOS new I had finished my previous book.
Alexa Chung's book, is filled with fashion, beauty and photography, pretty much all the things I love. It is a wonderful book, and gives a lot of insight into Alexa Chung's wonderful and unique life.

Have you read 'It' yet?
Mia xoxo


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