Winter Must haves!

Hello All,

So today I wanted to share with you 3 of my winter must haves! I woulds share all my winter must haves, but I think you guys could be reading for's a long list!

So let's start off with warm things! This sounds stupid I know, but everyday I watch my twin brother walk out the door (well actually he runs...he is always late) with his blazer in his bag and all he has on is his school shirt, I really am surprised he is not a snow man yet, I have no idea why he does it, the only conclusion I have is that he wants to look "cool" but to me getting catching Hypothermia (like Casper the friendly ghost)  is not cool. So what I am trying to say is wrap up warm! I can tell you now that I will be purchasing my brother a good pair of gloves and a scarf for Christmas!

So my top warm things are here! 


Black Diamante Bow Gloves from NewLook Click Here!

Okay, to my second must have! I have blogged about this brand before, but this is a different products in the range! It's Keep It Kind's Fresh Kidz deodorant, I know, I know you must think I am going a little loopy, but the reason I put this in, is because I wanted to make sure the everybody still needs to use deodorant when it's cold! Here comes my GCSE biology (yes finally I can put it to some use) the reason we get Body odour, is actually because when we swear it creates  a nice environment for bacteria to breed, and this is what creates the smell, as the smell is a waste product from the bacteria! 
We sweat as part of homeostasis (our bodies way of cooling us down or warming us up) sweat is used to cool us down! So I hope that makes sense, I always tend to sweat when it's colder, because I have a large habit of putting too many layers of clothes on, as I always get scared I am going to get too cold! 
So I recommend this little beauty, by keep it kind. It's 8+ so almost anybody who needs it can use it, and it's great for Tweens too as it's fragrant free, which I like, as it means I can put more of my body mist or perfume on, with out clashing scents!  Another key factor is that it does not clock pores! I was lucky enough to meet the crew at Keep it kind, when I went to the Vitality show, they gave me a bottle of Fresh Kidz, and it has really been lovely to use, it's long lasting and easy to carry around in my PE kit too! *this was a PR sample-but all views are my own!

Buy Keep it Kind from Boots, click here!

Right onto my last item, this has been really helpful as the weather has changed, its Dettol with E45 Softness hand soap. I am always aware of the bugs and illness that often go around at this time of year, so I do my best to try prevent them, this product has been amazing in helping me prevent any viruses or colds, especially right now as I have my English Language exam in exactly 1 week today, I need to be fighting fit for it, and this soap kills 99.9% of bacteria! I also find my hands get really dry in the winter and they just can't cope with the harshness of winter, so the fact this soap has E45 softness in it, is an added bonus, it means I don't have to be constantly moisturising my hands! It leaves my hands feeling silky and refreshed, it really does get rid of the dryness.
The scent is honey, which I love it reminds me of Christmas and warmth, and it really does smell amazing! My whole family is using it, and my Mum is particularly enjoying it too!
*this was a PR sample-but all views are my own!

You can get this, in Tesco and other supermarkets!

What are your Winter Must Haves?

Mia xoxo


  1. I've been dying for a plaid scarf as well! It's such an easy homage to the fall/winter trend, I think. Lovely post (bonus points for the bio lesson!). :)