So...? Gift Set

Hello all,

So it's that time of year again, secret santa and the stress of finding presents is upon us, once again.
It can be really hard to find gifts in a teenagers price range! I struggle every year, but this year, it can get a whole lot easier! So...? have launched some gift sets, that I would definitely say is in a teenagers price range and right now they're on 3 for 2 at Boots (click here to view one set)

I am going to focus on one set, but the others are gorgeous looking too! The set I am going to focus on is 'So..? Sinful city chic set' firstly I love the name 'city chic' I am not sure why I do just love it!
Packaging for gifts I find important, I always feel it needs to look good as well as have quality products inside.
Image from Boots sorry didn't have image of outside packaging
I am quite girly, so give me anything pink and purple and I am one happy camper! So for me the packaging for me is a winner, and I love how it comes in this little cardboard case, I just thought it was a nice touch.

This set is only £6.00 from Boots, this is perfect for Secret Santa, great price, and it's pretty good gift idea for almost any teenage girl.

The smell of it all is lovely, great to extend the feeling of summer, or that could just be me, I just think the smell reminds me of Summer! Although, it can be a little bit overpowering and sickly if you squirt more than 3 squirts, so I only tend to use 1-2 squirts!

The lip balm is lovely,  lovely size and it's a beautiful pink substance and looks a bit like jelly! Great for winter when my lips start to get a bit dry!

The body moisturiser is okay, not the best but it does smell really lovely! I use after a shower and it does nourish my body, but not as well as I would have hoped! Apart from that it is a really great product and gift set, I do recommend it, as a secret santa gift or stocking filler!

Do you struggle finding Xmas presents too?

Mia xoxo

*This was a PR sample - but all views are my own

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