Skin 101

Battling teenage skin, is a pain, it can take time and can be really hard to do. So I decided I'd ask Sk:n Clinics’ Medical Support Manager Lisa Mason, for some tips and advice to help you and me out! Find more about Sk:n clinic Here, and if your really suffering you can book an appointment at your closest clinic! 

Why do teenagers get spots?
Spots are sometimes caused by an increase of hormones called androgens, these hormones increase as we go through puberty. Spots can start at any age, usually between 11 – 14 years old. 

Is there any way to prevent spots?
Unfortunately you could eat the healthiest diet, never wear make-up and still get spots! However, general advice would be to practice good skin hygiene which will help reduce the bacteria multiplying, always remove make-up at night and don’t touch/pick any spots that appear as this can spread them and cause scarring.

What's the best way to get rid of black heads?
Blackheads or open comedones are caused by the blockage of the hair follicle.  You should use gentle exfoliators containing salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic acid) – these will help unclog the pores.  But be careful using acids, they can make you more susceptible to sunburn so always wear a SPF when using these.

Why can teenage skin be so greasy?
Skin is greasy due the hormones which amongst other things causes an increase in sebum (oil) production.  It is important to control the sebum as it clogs the pores and the p.acne bacteria thrives in this environment – it is just as important not to over dry the skin which will impact on the skin barrier.

What do you recommend teenagers do, to keep their skin spot and blackhead free?
Use a good cleanser that is not too abrasive. Keep the skin moisturised with an oil free product and   don’t use harsh exfoliating scrubs!  If the spots continue and get worse make sure you visit a sk:n specialist who can help and advice on the best treatment plan.  If there are spots on the body, specialist help may be required.

Does chocolate and a bad diet cause spots?
No, this is a myth!  However, eating a healthy, balanced diet will ensure the skin as at its optimum health.  More research needs to be done on links between diet and spots.

Why does our skin go so dry at winter?
Dry skin is a result of insufficient hydration in the skin the cold and low humidity in the winter months cause the skin to dry.

Is there anyway we can prevent dry skin?

Yes – keep the skin well moisturised!  This will help replace the skins natural oils and provide a protective film against the harsh, winter weather.

This is not medical advice, it is designed to be information, that will hopefully be very helpful, and help combat your spots, but for some it may not.


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