Oy! Clear Complexion Control Kit

Hello All,

Lately I have had a couple of breakouts, which have been so frustrating especially, now that I am back at school, I was at the point of going crazy, luckily The Green People caught me in time before I went completely insane (phew) they offered to send me Oy! Clear Complexion Control Kit, Which was perfect timing!

It comes in this green box, and contains 3 products that together create a lovely skin routine, without the need for any other products! OY, stands for Organic Young, the set is specialised for teen skin and is really natural, with no nasty chemicals in it!

So let's start with the Cleanser makeup remover and moisturiser (50ml), a 3 in 1 which was interesting to try out, at first I was a bit confused on how to use it as a cleanser, but I soon realised how easy it was. As a makeup remover it was fine removing water based makeup but not so much for waterproof makeup, which my eye makeup is, so I did look like a racoon! It was a good moisturiser though, perfect for this time of year as the harsh weather is approaching upon us! I did think it was a moisturiser best, so I mainly used it for that if I am honest.

Clear skin face wash(30ml), this comes out it to a very foamy squirt, it has to be my favourite of the 3, as it contained tea tree a natural antiseptic, which I use all the time on spots when I feel one coming up. It also contained Green tea which I love drinking so I also like putting it on my face! It didn't really foam when I put it on my face, it didn't lather up either, which I thought was a bit strange, but it was very effective, and didn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry.

Lastly there is the skin clear gel(10ml), It was a perfect size to carry around in my bag, as I did need some help with getting rid of the spots. It was not as effective as some skin gels I have tried, but I think this is because this is natural, it did help my spots got down just a little slower, but I did find it was very gentle and didn't dry out the skin around the spot.

I also liked that these products have not been tested on animals, also these are perfect sizes to take travelling as they're not full sized products, I do like how it is all you need for a skin routine, so it's really clever and helpful for teens! It retails for £20.95 and you can get it here!

Have you ever tried anything from the Green People?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


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  2. I didn't mean sponsored posts but like pr samples - and I didn't mean to offend you

    1. Oh It's fine, sorry, I wasn't sure if it was a spam comment or not! Companies just contact me then I decide if the product is something I am interested in, and if it's not anything to do with my blog then I decline, but if it would be interesting for my readers I accept!