Nails 101

It is safe to say that Sophy Robson is a nail guru! You may have seen the olympians fashioning some of her nail designs and art, and you can find her behind the scenes of shoots or at nail bars (she'll be at Selfridges at the new Chanel nail bar June 5/6th June)
Sophy has done fashion week and cat walks (she did nails for ACNE ss13, she has also done nails for a CĂ©line campaign and The House Of Holland ss13 show)

I have used my interview with Sophy to create a page on how to get beautiful nails!

What is your best nail tip?
It’s all about preparation, application and finish! Firstly it’s crucial to properly prepare your nail before polish. Remove all grease from nails, ensure they are fully wiped clean, and buff off any lumps and bumps. Opt for a good quality base coat and follow with a thin coat of polish, which will help it to cling to the nail. Also use a good quality top coat which will prevent chipping. 

What/Who inspires you the most?

The 90s music scene really inspired me to get into nail design, particularly artists like SMV and Lil’ Kim.

What got you into nail art/design? How did you start off to become a nail stylist?

I first started by going to college and getting my qualification. This forms the basis of your career for the rest of your life so you really can’t do without it. I then looked for places where people wanted to pay me for my skills and learnt to build myself up from there.

Favorite nails you have ever done?

It would definitely be the London 2012 Olympians. I felt incredibly proud to be doing something for my country and found it a very humbling experience.  The athletes were just fantastic to work with, all without an ego, and ultimately inspirational people. I would definitely count it as one of the high points of my career and I felt privileged to be a part of it!

Any tips or advice for someone going into the field?

It’s all about getting that qualification! Ultimately you can’t get a job in the field if you don’t have the ability to do a great manicure. I always advise just getting out there and learning, take in as much as you can! It’s also important to remember to place work over fame – if you’re good at what you do you’ll get far in life.


  1. wow, her work seems that she is obviously guru of nails art, no-doubt Sophy Robson's work is amazing, clean and perfect and now a days nail art is getting high all girls are crazy for it. In this scenario this nice tutorial is very helpful to learn perfect nails art.