Gosh Cosmetics

Hello All,

I keep hearing everyone loving Matt nail polishes, and when I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle from Gosh cosmetics, I was pretty excited. I keep hearing matte is the new trend, so I decided to give it all ago myself!

I have been trying 'Glittery Matt finish - frosted sand look' in frosted purple, and as you all know purple is one of my favourite colours, so I was very happy with the colour!

I was very silly and didn't photograph the 2 products separately, so more on the eyeshadow later! Right Back to the polish, one thing I was so impressed with, was how easy it was to take off. I find almost every polish that contains glitter is simply horrible to take off, but not this one, came off quick and easy, completely hassle free! It does dry matt, but when the glitter catches the light it still does look a bit shiny, so from far away you can't tell that it's matt at all! It has tiny little sand like grains with the glitter that gives quite a bobbly texture. My only con is that it chips very easily, so it's more of a 'going out' nail polish than a 'long term/week lasting' polish, but I didn't really mind that, as I only wear nail polish on the weekends any way! The last thing you should know about this polish is, how fast it dries! I was so impressed it was super speedy, I often smudge my polish when it's drying because I am way to impatient, but this one dries fast enough so I don't smudge it at all!

Right on to the eyeshadow, I am not really a massive eyeshadow user, I guess I just don't wear it because I am not the greatest at applying it! The one I am reviewing is the 'Quattro eye shadow' in 'Driftwood' I am instantly drawn to the sleek black packaging, I just love it, I can't really describe why, but you guys know I am a total sucker for packaging!

The lightest shade, in that creamy colour acts as a lovely base for eyeshadow, and I found it also good for highlighting my brow bones. I found that the shades were really great for school, as they are quite simple and natural. The bottom left shade, I decided was a bit too glittery for school, but perfect for weekends and even parties if you want a more natural look. 
It was really easy to layer and build up if I wanted a slightly more pigmented look, also really nice and easy to blend with the other colours.

I love the smokey eye look, I can't do it very well but I love it, so when playing around with this, I had to try it out. It really is perfect for those killer smokey eyes, you have all the shades you need!

My only con is that it does not last as long as I would have hoped, I do probably have too high expectations, but I found it to fall off and wear away throughout the day. Luckily it's in small, slim packaging that's easy to take around and it has a little brush in the middle too, so I found I could touch it up during the day.

From left to right: The lightest colour on the top left of the palette, a brown from the top right of the palette, The dark glittery brown, bottom left of the palette and the light brown bottom right of the palette.  Sorry the last one does not show very well.

You can get Gosh cosmetics from Superdrug: Click here!

Do you love Matt nail polish?

Mia xoxo

*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!