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So a while ago I blogged about going to LFW Hemyca presentation, where I got A beautiful World Goodie bag, and today I thought I'd tell you and show you my 3 favourite products in it, I know it was a while ago, but I really wanted to test the products throughly.

Here are the first 2 products from the same brand, 001. A new brand that has only just recently launched. The 2 products were 'Exfoliating and Conditioning Cleanser' and 'Active Marine Power Concentrate' I think the cleanser was my favourite as I din't find as a teenager I needed to use the Active Marine Power concentrate. The cleanser was lovely to use it foamed nicely on my skin and smells amazing, it left my skin feeling squeaky clean, and I felt like I didn't need to use any other cleanser in my routine, It didn't combat spots that well, but that's my only con, other wise it's a fabulous product!, that is just so refreshing on my skin and great to use in the morning and before bed.
 The Active marine Power Concentrate was lovely to use and did smell amazing, but I just don't think I need to use it yet. You can see the other products in the range Here.

My 3rd and last favourite was the 'Yarok Hairspray' I am not a huge hairspray user, as I just have my hair down a lot of the time, and I never tend to have time to style it, but I did test this out and just really loved it! Firstly I loved the fact that it was not an aerosol, this instantly let me know that it didn't contain too many nasty chemicals, and after reading the packaging I saw it said it was '100% vegan!'
 As it is not an aerosol I will be recommending it to all my friends at my old school, as it's a dance school where you pretty much have to have your hair in a bun every day, but you can't use aerosols so this is a slight issue (as most hairsprays are aerosols) when your trying to get rid of wispy bits, this is a perfect item for them! I loved that it smelled amazing, most hairsprays smell horrible, but this one just has a gorgeous scent! It holds really well, not quite as well as some other hairsprays I have tried, but for a natural hairspray it holds really well!

If you liked the products in the post you really should check our A beautiful World (click Here) It is a lovely site and has a really wide range of natural products, whats not to love?
They have so many lovely products, and recently had a beauty box, but I think that is sold out now, which I was gutted to miss, but keep your eyes peeled on any other things like that on the site!

Mia xoxo

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