W7 Lipsticks and Lip glosses

Hello all,

 I am huge lippy lover, I am probably classed as lipstick hoarder too, so I really enjoyed trying all of these!

Let's start with the top two The 'Go West matte lipstick' I got 2 shades, I was very interested to try this, as many brands are bringing out matte lipsticks as it seems to be the new trend.
The 'Fluorescent pink' is very very bright, perfect for a night out, it's a little too loud for school but perfect for a night with the girls.'Pink Candy' is more of a baby pink still bright but it's more toned down than the other, again it's a bit too bright for school but perfect for anything else.
The quality of lipstick was really lovely, it was very moisturising and stayed on for a about 1-2(as long as you don't eat anything) which I was a bit disappointed in, and also I found it made my lips look very dry even though they were not but they are my only negatives. the colour in both is very pigmented and vibrant.

The lip plumping gloss, is now what I wear everyday to school, it's clear so I won't get told off for having to bright lip gloss on, and it makes your lips feel all nice and tingly, it really also makes my lips look fuller and plumper, I am not sure behind the science of it all, but it works! It is a perfect product for school, it lasts for ages, and gives me amazing lips! Very impressed with it!

The next Lipstick is in 'Sugarlips' it is a more toned down pink than the 'Go West' ones, but still I couldn't get away with it for school, but it has become my weekend lipstick, perfect for everyday (as long as I am not at school) it is really nicely pigmented and actually smells really nice too! It lasts for a good couple of hours before it starts to wear off. I think it would be really good for college and sixth form, but definitely not for school! 

Lastly is the 'Cheeky Cherry Lip balm' I love the packaging for this, it comes with a sliding top and it's the perfect size to put in my school bag or blazer pocket it is a light red, it's more a tint really, it moisturises and puts a bit of colour onto my lips, it's perfect for school as it's great for a natural minimalist look. I totally recommend this one for school, easy to carry and looks great! It is also great for winter as it's a balm, and now we are getting into colder weather lips start to crack and get raw, which means that this lip balm will definitely come in handy! 

Swatches: From Left to right, Pink Candy, Fluorescent Pink, Sugarlips and Cheeky Cherry.

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What colour would you choose?
Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. Oooh I love the shades of these! I've tried W7 nail polish before, which I really liked! x

  2. I have never tried anything from this brand, i'm keen to give it a go now! I love the fluorescent pink shade <3

  3. Pretty shades - although a bit too pink for me! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness