Storm Bag From Barrats.

Hello All,

So being Fashion Week and all,  I am very much in the 'Fashion Spirit' and thought I would do a post on my school bag, that I was sent from Barrats.

It is by a brand called 'Storm London' and it would have been £50 but it was in the Barrats sale for £40
It is a off cream colour, that normally I would not really go for, but I have actually found that I love it, I don't quite trust myself with white (I am more likely to get it dirty) but this is great it's a light colour so it stands out from my black blazer and black skirt.

So in year 11, I have to carry around a lot of books, and a lot of bits of paper, I need a bag that can take a lot of weight, in the past I have lots of bags break on me, so I put this to the test! After a week of carrying around all 50+ pages of my geography course work, revision books, not books and pens, it passed my weight test! It must have held 5x (at least) it's own weight and still remained strong! 

The bag has the ruffled crumple effect, which I love and just makes it girly and very pretty. The shape is similar to that of a bowling bad, which is what I love, I love the look of bowling bags. This is perfect as it is not quite a bowling bag but it has a similar shape, and the ruffles make it that bit different!

The size is perfect for school, fits in all my books with still room for my scarf and lunch.

Barrats, have a lovely range of bags, shoes and a great sale! Click here

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. I love the color of that handbag!