ShutterSong The NEW App.

Hello all,

So let's talk Apps, I have an Ipad mini and Iphone, and I would be totally lost without the apps I have on it, my social media ones, games and maps. So this post is to talk to you about a new app that launched TODAY! The App is called ShutterSong, and I was actually part of the Beta testing, and now I am an ambassador for the app now too.

Let me explain the Shuttersong, it's an app directed mainly at Teens but anyone can use it. You take a photo and then you have a couple of seconds to records, music or voice over the top, then it's converted into a jpeg format, that are easily sharable onto lot's of social media sites.

I had not tried anything like it, and I am loving using it, so fun and enjoyable. You want to know what's even better?? It's FREE, on the app store if you click this link on the device you want to download it on, it will take you to where you need to go!

Click the link!

Stay tuned on my blog, as I will be holding giveaways and posting updates! If you love Instagram and Vine, then it's the app for you!

Want more info? watch this youtube video CLICK HERE

I do think Shuttersong, will become very popular as it fills a whole in the market and combines so many social media apps together, making it unique. It really is worth checking out, I love it!

If you join give me your user names, I will make sure I follow you all!

Mia xoxo


  1. ooh this looks like such a creative app - will be downloading as soon as my iphone charges!

  2. hey Mia I really love reading your blog and you inspired me to make my own beauty blog Im in awe of your readership and I'd really really appreciate it if you could just check it out thanks xx