London Fashion Week


So fashion week is upon us, and there is doubt about it hundreds of posts will be being written and be on the worldwide blogosphere, and of course I just simply could not post about London fashion week.

Okay, okay so I am getting a little eager as it only has started today, but I am just too excited, this is like Christmas eve to any fashion blogger out there, and you should see me at Christmas, let's just say I turn into a very happy, hyper 5 year old and fashion week is no exception, my friends are probably going mad, because right now all I can concentrate on is fashion week!

London Fashion week  setup at Somerset house a location that is beyond beautiful, with lovely architecture and a typical London surrounding, I think a perfect place for LFW as it's a well known popular place for Londoners and tourists, central and just plain gorgeous! ( studying tourism in geography GCSE, thought I'd pop it in)

So it has begun, one of my favourite weeks in the year, and it has all started on Friday the 13th, Duh duh duuuhhh... (sorry had dramatic music playing my head) now I have never had anything bad happen to me on Friday the 13th (knowing me I am probably jinxing it right now)  but I have heard some people have been getting a little worried that this fashion week is not going to go as smoothly as the others, due to the start date! I have all my limbs crossed hoping that it will be a great week, and nothing bad will happen (fingers tightly crossed)

So I am totally rambling (I do this when I get excited) the aim of this post is just to talk to you about the shows/showrooms I am really excited about, I will be watching everything very closely online, so I don't miss a single thing at all!

Now my favourite 2 are probably a lot of bloggers favourite designers, they well established and bring the perfect amount of unique yet in trend clothes to the table, so my top 2 are.....(drum roll)

  • Vivienne Westwood
  • House Of Holland
Pretty obvious ones, I think part of it has to be that some of the first designers I have ever heard about were these too, so they were some of the designers that really got me into fashion.
 I love Vivienne Westwood, she has a raw edge for me that not many other designers have, I love a good punk/grunge look and she has to be one of my favourite designers especially for spring/Summer (but more spring usually) as that tends to be the time when I 'Punk it up' a bit!
House Of Holland, is perfect for the young generation, Henry Holland as a young designer himself understands the younger generation and with his understanding he creates edgy designs with the perfect amount of colours, patterns and humour.
Photos from LFW website

But...they are not just the ones I am looking forward to seeing...

  • Jane Bowler
  • Hemyca
  • Fred Butler
  • Tom Ford
  • Temperly London
Just to name a few, I will be stalking all the photos, all the videos and blogs to make sure I keep up to date with the inside scoop. I am really looking forward to looking at all of them, but just wanted to highlight my favourites!

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

Au Revoir!


  1. I'm really looking forward to the Mulberry show (I think it's already passed!), although I also love Tom Ford! Ahhhh there's so many haha :D Where can I watch all of the shows online? I've been on websites but they don't work :( Where do you watch them? Great post!