Hemyca Presentation at LFW

Hello all,

So you may have seen that I was lucky enough to go the Hemyca presentation on Saturday 15th September. It was located at the very beautiful Eccleston Square hotel, and the presentation was called 'Unpredicted'

Before I launch into this post, I want to explain a bit more about Hemyca, it was set up by 2 designers Helen Clinch and Myra Nigris , they met whilst studying at London College of Fashion. It was in 2007 that Hemyca launched after both the designers had trained with some other designers first, and from there it has grown!

Right back to the post, so not only was the whole ground floor transformed for the presentation, they also had Ipads dotted around the place for digital viewings of each piece. Now I am probably not making much sense about this, as technology does not seem to like me, and I am not really sure what it's called, but I shall explain, There was a special Hemyca app, that when you pointed to a logo on a table it would make a model appear on the screen and she would pose and show you the outfit. I know that was absolutely rubbish explaining so I have pictures!

 The clothes were beyond beautiful, each piece had very neutral colours which I liked, it wasn't so bright you needed to wear sunglasses to see them, There was a lot of mesh see through fabric, and I though it was very geometrical, lots of squares and triangles.
There were 5 models I believe and each had beautiful items on, there was something for every one! My words really do not show you the beauty but these photos do!

I feel the clothes do speak for themselves! The atmosphere and vibe there was amazing, I honestly wanted it to never end! Sadly all good things have to come with a end, and I had to be plucked away from the presentation, but it's not all bad news, as I got an amazing goody bag from A Beautiful World (Click here) who were sponsoring the presentation. A beautiful World is a lovely online store, and what makes it so great is that they only sell organic and natural products, nothing nasty that can harm your skin or the environment! I will be reviewing each item in the goody bag separately as otherwise you will be reading this for ages! I do really recommend taking a peak at the site, it has expert tutorials on it too, so it's really helpful! 

So it is safe to say I really really enjoyed my first LFW experience, I honestly am very sad it's over and now look forward to A/W.
Also I must say sorry for a picture heavy post, and my ramblings! 

What's your favourite outfit from the presentation from the photos above? 
Mia xoxo


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