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So I have been planning these posts for months now, and I just have not got round to it till now! This will be a series of posts/profiles on my favourite designers. Last year I created a book of my favourite designers and about them, then around January I decided I should share this book with you on my blog, So it is now September and really has taken me a while to get this going but it has finally happened!

So today I have chosen..... (drum roll please...) Jean Paul Gaultier. 
Jean  Paul Gaultier was born in France on 24th April 1952 (by my maths calculations that makes him 61....I think... maths is not my strong point) 

He also has his own label, but in 2003-2010 He was the Creative director at Hermes (can't get one of those little dashes sorry) So it's fair to say he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to clothes. 
What I find most interesting about him is the fact he had no training, the way he actually broke into the industry was sending out his portfolio! It was Pierre Cardin who really gave him his big break! He saw his work in 1970 and hire Gaultier as an assistant ( at the time Gaultier was only 18). Gaultier was first published in 1982, 12 years after he was hired as Pierre Cardin's assistant.

Gaultier's debut collection launched in 19776, but his design house came 6 years later in 1982. It was in 1990 that he and Madonna teamed up to create her very famous conical bras.

I find Gaultier's collections to be vey colourful and playful, even his more formal collections contain a certain playfulness and boldness than many other similar designers. I personally feel Gaultier has a very good eye on basing his collections on the street style that is out at the time. His collections I find tend to have an edgy and sometimes even punk feel to them. Some say his style can 'Challenge the views of fashion' I agree, but I think that is what makes him an incredible designer, he does not follow the herd he does his own thing and creates beautiful pieces of fashion (I think I could even call it art) out of it.

Just had to put this up...I am a huge David Bowie fan!

What do you think of Jean Paul Gaultier?

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