Coola Sunscreen

Hello All,

So I have been testing Coola sunscreen products, now it's not just sunscreen, as it can be a bit hard to test sunscreen in the U.K, it's sunscreen in skincare products, e.g. moisturiser and matte tint. It is so important to protect your skin for UV rays, even if it's not sunny (which is a lot in England) your skin can still be harmed. None of the products have been tested on animals!

All the products I was sent contain an SPF higher  than 20 and some have scents and others do not. I am going to start off with the full sized product, the citrus mimosa moisturiser!

To start off with, the smell is just amazing, the citrus is strong, but not overpowering lovely for summer and refreshing on that rare hot summers day. It's constancy is thicker than my normal moisturisers, and t first I did find it a little hard to rub in, but it does rub in fine after a while. I used it after my morning skincare routine and it left my pores feeling nice, and got rid of that tight dry feeling, I sometimes experience after my routine.  I used it in the morning to give me all protection and as it has an SPF of 35 I was reassured I was protected. As a sunscreen I didn't get burnt, or experience redness on my face (especially my nose) which was nice, as I never tan, I just burn! It's a 90ml bottle which lasts for ages, as you don't really need to use vast quantities of it!

These were my favourite 2 samples I got, especially the white bottle which is a tinted moisturiser (not sure if you can read what it is from this photo) I don't bother with makeup on a rare hot summers day, as I know it's probably just going to melt off my face and make me look like the grudge, so instead of just using my sunscreen I swapped to this, it has an SPF of 20 and helped cover up any blemishes I had on my face, allowing me to be worry free and just bask in the sun, knowing my face was protected.
It had the smell of roses, which I really loved too as I hate the smell of some foundations and sunscreens.
The Blue bottle is just a classic sunscreen, my first impression was the smell, it was cucumber and it really did smell amazing, very refreshing and clean, it actually made me want to put it on my face. It was thinner than my citrus mimosa moisturiser, and rubbed in so easily, and had an SPF of 30.

I am going to review these from left to right. This little blue pouch had an SPF of 30 and was an unscented facial moisturising sunscreen, it worked perfectly to combat the sun just like the other products, I like that it was unscented it gave it a more natural feeling.
The white pouch was another favourite of mine, it's the one I wish I could really put to the test and try out as I was curious about it, it was an unscented matte tint, with oily teenage skin I use a lot of matt products to make sure I don't get a shiny face, so this was interesting to try out. It had an SPF of 30, and covered up very effectively every blemish that I had on my face, it was almost like a whipped mousse, which I found was really nice to blend into my face, it fitted my skin tone perfectly too!
The next is the light green SPF 30 body moisturiser (unscented again) This was great to rub into my body after a morning shower, it helped make sure my legs and shoulders were protected and it lasted for ages too!
Lastly was the dark blue pouch that had a high SPF of 45, I used this on a really hot day,it smelt like fresh mangos which I loved, it was the nicest smelling out of all of the ones I tried, but I am a sucker for sweet scents! I found a little goes along way with this one, it was fairly easy to blend in and like the others lasted for a nice amount of time!

How do you protect yourself from UV rays?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. I have been meaning to try the unscented Coola matte moisturizer SPF 30, but I didn't know it was tinted! I have to double check if there is an option for that?