Clearasil Daily clear Super fruits

Hey Everyone,

Who is enjoying the sun? I am, although it was first day back at school today and I have been roasting in my big black blazer!

Some of you may have seen it was my 16th birthday yesterday, I had such a great day and got some amazing things too! Just wanted to thank you all for your birthday wishes!

Right down to business, I have been kindly sent another range by clearasil! This time it's their 'Daily Clear Super Fruits' range. I was excited to try this range more than normal, because this range came across much more gentler and kinder than the other ranges, which I found at some times could be a bit too hardcore and harsh on my skin.

First impressions: The smell, it really did smell amazing! I am a bit strange with smells as if some products smell really good, I always have an urge to eat them! (Don't worry I don't) but I certainly had the urge to eat these products.

So What's in the range?

What makes them special?

  • Vitamin B3 
  • Superfruits known for their antioxidant properties
  • raspberry, cranberry, lemon and lime extracts
  • Contains effective cleansing and kind to skin ingredients
  • Dermatologist tested

Let's start with my favourite for the range, 'Super Fruits oil and shine wash' as a teenager I have oily skin, this can be one of the most annoying things ever, and half the time I look so awful and my makeup is all cakey because I have put so much powder on my face to stop the oil.
So when I first looked at this, I was very happy to give it ago hoping it would sort my oily skin out! 
It contains Lemon and Lime extracts, which I do often associate with cutting through and getting rid of oil (I thinks it's because of our washing up liquid) 
So sadly it didn't really get rid of the oil as much as I wanted it too, it did a bit, and it was noticeable. Although it didn't rise to my expectations, it still is my favourite product as it did help with the oil, and it smells AMAZING, it also did help clear my skin and it did help combat blemishes and black heads for me, so still a lovely product! 

The 'Refreshing wash' it has raspberry and cranberry extracts in it, and again smells to die for! It foams very easily and nice to lather up on my face, afterwards my face looked radiant and refreshed, it smelt so good too! It did  similar job to the oil and shine wash, I was surprised as after using it my face didn't feel tight or itchy at all, which a lot of face washes do to my face! As for blemishes and all those pesky things I get on my face, it helped to combat them all though I still had some spots remaining on my forehead and chin, that just wouldn't budge, but blackheads easily went, just the spots remained, it may have been a hormonal thing, or me changing my skin routine and it adjusting. 

The 'Refrshing scrub' I don't use exfoliators or scrubs that often, if I use them too much my skin feels raw and looks red. I was curious to try this product, again it has raspberry and cranberry extracts, so smells delightful. I used it once a week, and it did not make my skin too red (one day there was a slight pinkness but it went away very easily) but it did give me skin as soft as a baby's bottom, it was lovely! I felt very refreshed and clean after use.

Lastly the 'refreshing pads' these were probably my least favourite, not because they were bad, just that they were a bit too harsh for my skin, they left my skin looking beautifully clear, but they left a stingy feeling in some parts and made my eyes water, but it for your skin is not sensitive at all, these would be perfect! They are super effective and do battler any blemishes, spots or blackheads, it is just they are a tad harsh. I have been told to stay away from the eye area as that's very sensitive, and will make your eyes water! I also took them to my friends house, they were perfect for a sleepover I didn't have to bring lots of bottles, they did the job perfectly all by themselves, they'd be great for festivals too!

So in conclusion, I do really really love this range, although it has a few negatives it also has a hell of a lot of positives, which completely out weigh the negatives, I am very pleased with the results and recommend the range!It smells great and works like a charm (everything has negatives)

What are your thoughts on these products?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


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