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Firstly you may have noticed I have started offering advertising, there are 4 packages to chooses from! This month as I have only just launched it, it's all half priced which means the lowest price is 50p!! Contact me if you want any more info!

So a while ago I was sorting out my beauty cupboard (yep cupboard...originally it was just one shelf...I have accumulated too many beautiful products) Any way I came across this product that I have not used in a while, but when I did used it I loved it! So I thought I would give it a try again...and now I am back to being completely in love with it!

This product is......(drum roll please) Body Shop's Shea Body Butter I am sure there have hundreds and thousands of posts about this product, as it really is a perfect product, I always carry it around with me in my P.E bag, it's perfect to give my legs and arms some TLC before I go get a sweat on. I always moisturise before and sometimes after a P.E lesson, to me the moisturising part is my favourite part of P.E (I am so not sporty) and this little beauty is a total pick me up! I always have friends stealing it before  the frantic rush to get dressed and out onto the cold field.

Photo from BodyShop
It's perfect as I only need to use it once a day, if that. It is perfect for my skin soaks in fast and leaves my legs and body feeling refreshed, smooth, luxurious and hydrated! I also use it on my legs after shaving again it's perfect just to make it hydrated and get rid of any dry skin.
If your going to buy it, now is the PERFECT time to invest, as we are sadly getting into winter and with the weather changing your skin can really become dry and sensitive, so this is perfect to save you from anything like that happening! It's £13.00 for 200ml which actually lasts for ages! I really recommend getting it, I  recommend Shea butter (The one I have) as it honestly has a beautiful sweet (but not too sickly) nutty smell.

What's your favourite body butter?

Mia xoxo


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