Bekl Backpacker Bracelet

Hello all,

So I know I have been a little absent lately, but I promise my blog will get my full attention next week, back to school just being a bit crazy, but that period should be over by next week!

I was recently offered the chance to review and try out Bekl's new backpacker bracelet, I received the American bracelet, that's a beautiful pale pink, and it's all handmade too!

The front of the Bracelet

So what's the aim of the bracelet? well once owning the bracelet for a while, you give it to someone else and the idea is that it keeps going down through people until it reaches it's destination. My Bracelets destination is Brazil, which I think is a wonderful country, I have actually studied it an incredible amount in Geography.

To keep track of each bracelet by a '#' on twitter mine is '#BeklBrazil' and that way you can see if it makes it's destination.

I have to admit I have not chosen who I am going to give my bracelet too, but I will make sure I tweet using my '#' when I do!
The back of the Bracelet saying 'Brazil' it's destination.

I really love this idea, the thought of knowing that this bracelet will travel all over the world and it's starting from my home from England, this is only the start of it's journey, it's all incredibly exciting.

I love the appearance of this bracelet I am a bit of a sucker for light pinks, so this colour is gorgeous, and it's a really simple look, but at the same time it's so pretty! It is a handmade clay bead in the middle, and it looks  really lovely on my wrist, and actually it goes with my school uniform, although not meant to wear it too school (shhh..don't tell my teachers)

I think also although it's pink, it is actually unisex, I have had my brother making eyes at it, and actually asking to wear it! It's not a shocking loud pink so it also goes with pretty much any colour.

The bracelet is adjustable, so it can fit any wrist. The price for this bracelet is £19.99 and they have an entire collection on their site here!

I really can't wait to watch this adventure to unfold, if a bracelet could talk (a girl can dream), I bet this bracelet would have an awful lot of stories to tell once it's done!

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What would be your dream destination if you were a bracelet (sorry it's a bit of a strange question)

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. niceyy!if i were a bracelet i would like to be in india, i don t know why but i find them a strange country,with other activities, rules... than mine :)

    1. That be a lovely place to got to!

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