OMG nail strips review and worldwide giveaway.

Dear Beauties,

So here is a review and giveaway of OMG nail strips, it's an american brand that does nail stickers/wraps. As you guys may know I love nail wraps, they're fuss free, no drying time and beautiful nail designs! Click here to check out the designs.

I was sent 3 different designs of nail wraps, all of which I loved! They were so so simple to apply, like any other wrap, just peel of the back press onto the nail and the file down the end, to fit the nail, so easy to do and literally takes minutes. They're perfect for when you're in a rush. These felt much more like stickers, they were much thinner than any other nail wraps/stickers, which at first I though was going to be harder to use, but they were a lot more flexible and it helped out to smooth out any air bubbles in it, giving a perfect smooth, even finish.
The designs were perfect went with almost every outfit, and I had so many lovely compliments from people!
Each sticker had a measurement on the bottom (e.g 10mm) this made it even easier and quicker to apply, as it helped me know which nail it went on, it was so useful, I have never had a nail  wraps brand that did that before!
They were perfect for summer, looked gorgeous and went with every summer dress I wore, they'll look perfect on any summer photo, at home or  abroad!
They stayed perfect until about 4 days, they even lasted in the shower, but after 4 days they slowly started wearing away around the sides, but compared to other nail wraps I tried, they lasted really well, it was about 6-7 days until they got to worn out I had to take them off. They say thy last up to 10 days, and I wasn't close off, I had also been working for my mum and doing lots of things with my hands which may have made them wear down faster.
They were super easy to take off, I just peeled mine off I know other people take them off in different ways, but I simply peeled them off, and then just buffed out any messy bits on my nails afterwards.
These are definitely some of the best wraps/stickers I have tried, and at $6.89 you really can't argue the price much cheaper that getting your nails done but they look just as good.
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!

This giveaway will be open worldwide, and there will be 2 winners, no cheating I will check all entries, and enter as many sections as possible to be one of the two winners!
If you are under 16, you must have adults permission.
The prize will be each winner will get 2 packs of nail stickers.

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