My Birthday wishlist

Hola everyone,

So you may have seen my birthday is next week, next Wednesday to be exact ( 4th September) I will be turning 16, which I actually find a tad scary, I am not ready to grow up, I am still a little girl who still loves playing dress up at heart not a moody teenager!

I thought I would let you all into what's on my birthday list, this is not all of it, because I suppose I did get a bit carried away adding things - okay I got really carried away. My excuse was 'it's hard when your a blogger you see so many nice new things coming out all the time!' Not the best excuse, but oh well!

So here are a few little bits:

Elle magazine  and Company magazine subscriptions!

I always end up getting heaps of magazine every month, but I don't have a subscription to any, which means I always trek out to our nearest Tesco and spend a fortune on them all, Mum gets does get a few subscription but  I thought it was about time, I asked for my own subscriptions, I love Elle magazine and I love company magazine, so I chose both of them.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush

I have been drooling over this product for ages, just have not gotten round to getting it yet, so it's a perfect time to add it to the list. This is one of the products I have been wanting most on my list, I love a good blusher, and this one has such an amazing reputation, it just has to be on the list, it is so unique and comes in such an array of colours and shades, there will definitely be a good colour out there for me. I also feel like I can definitely trust the quality as there are so many amazing reviews out their and it's from the acclaimed and amazing Daniel Sandler.

Barry M gelly nail varnish

I love doing my nails, I always find it so relaxing. I also have a shellac kit at home so me and my Mum sometimes chill out and have a bit of a pampering session, but for times when we don't have time or if she's not around, I want a nail varnish that looks good, dries quick and has lots of shine.I have heard that this then i the nail varnish for me, and I just love the colours, they are so lovely, and at £3.99 you can't argue it.

So of course, I don't expect my Mum to get me all of this as it's fair to say it's a lot but a gal can dream right? 

What's your birthday must haves?

Mia xoxo


  1. The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes are amazing I own 5 and my favourite shades are Greenberry and Passionfruit x


  2. Happy early birthday! I turned sixteen on the 3rd of August and I know how you feel! Sixteen sounds so old...
    I've never heard of the watercolour blush - it's pretty cool :)
    Love Niamh xxx

  3. I've wanted the watercolour blush for the longest time! My 18th was last week so I might treat myself to one:)

  4. happy birthday for then! I'm 16 & this has definitely been the best year so don't worry, great wishlist too xx