Let's get Steamy With SteamCream


A while back I came across a brand called 'SteamCream' When they offered to send my a sample, I jumped at the chance, it was a concept that I hadn't heard of before and was really eager to try!

What makes steam cream unique?
Well the molecules in the cream are bound together by Steam instead like other moisturisers whose ingredients are bound together by powerful emulsifying techniques. The steam means it can really sink into the layers or the skin and where they are needed fast, it leaves your skin softer and moisturised for longer, unlike normal moisturisers which 'give a good first impression, but don't keep their promises.' I am not so good at the science part but for more info on why they use steam click Here!

SteamCream is a handmade moisturiser suitable for face, hands and body. A 75ml pot retails for £12.95 you can order from the site Here, or go to Selfridges to pick up a pot.

The cream is infused with ingredients such as: Lavender oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, organic Jojoba oil and Orange Flower water.
I love that they have so many different designs for the pot, it really is like a rainbow of different colours, it's hard to choose from. I chose to have the 'Virgo' pot sent to me, as it is my star sign, and I just fell in love with design (yes it does mean my birthday is coming up September 4th) 

My first impressions of the SteamCream, the smell is one thing I first noticed. There is a strong smell of floral scents, especially Lavender, which is very refreshing and quite a clean smell I find!

When I put my fingers in I first thought it was going to be rather thick, and therefor take ages to soak into my skin. But after applying it I realised it was reasonably thin and light and sunk into my skin quicker than most of my other moisturisers!

I used it every morning as a moisturiser, it was a pleasure to use, especially after my cleansing routine, as I often find my pores feel tight and face itchy, it really helped to calm all of that down and refresh my face, giving it a lovely radiant glow, although it did leave it a bit greasy, so maybe not the best moisturiser for the face if you have oily skin.

I loved using it on my body, it was perfect, especially after I had shaved my legs, I always moisturise after I shave my legs, but find it so annoying when the moisturiser does not soak in and I stick to my clothes (which I hate) but after using my SteamCream not only did my legs look and feel silky smooth, but it soaked in quickly which meant I was not sticking to my clothes!

One thing I hate about cooking and baking is washing up, some people would say it's not my forte and trust me it really is not, I am not good at it and it always leaves my hands feeling dry and nasty (we don't own any washing up gloves) it was okay though, as Steamcream to the rescue, within minutes after applying Steamcream to my hands, that nasty dry feeling went away, and I could stuff my face on cake, without having dry hands!


For a pot that's a 3 in 1 moisturiser you really can't argue the price! I do have one fault and that's more of a design fault, the lid is quite loose, which does mean if you put it in a bag there is quite a high chance of a little accident of the lid coming off and the precious Steamcream going everywhere! Luckily I saw the lid was coming off in my bag and prevented any mess, or spillage of my now favourite hand, body and face moisturiser!

Have you tried SteamCream, if not would you?
Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. I do like it a lot.
    It's actually made by the people who came up with LUSH (you'll notice it's from Dorset, too!)
    I have already used three entire tins, I like to have it in my handbag as a must have/ emergency use, like after being out and about in the sun too much or something like this.
    I do love the design as well and you can use the empty tin for pretty much everything.
    Yes, I love it. also makes nice gifts!

    1. Oh wow, didn't know that! So glad you like it, it is good!