E45 lotions

Hello beauties,

Recently I was sent 2 bottles from E45's lotion range. I was sent intense recovery lotion and the nourish and restore lotion. A 400ml bottle of intense recovery is £5.99 and a 200ml bottle retails for £4.49. A 400ml bottle of the nourish and restore lotion retails for £5.49 and a 200ml retails for £3.99.


I don't have dry skin, but when winter comes, my skin can sometimes dry out. These are perfect to start getting into a habit of moisturising before winter shows its cruel head. The harsh weather will dry out your skin, and it's imported to have products that will help your skin out fast when this happens. 

Intense recovery is suitable for very dry skin, this is perfect if you know when winter comes you will suffer, it gives you that little bit of reassurance, and trust me with E45 your in safe hands. It is also perfume free. After trying this out, my body felt lovely, moisturised and luxurious! Any dry patches on my body were cleared up. Also using both of these products will prolong your lovely holiday glow, making summer feel just that little bit longer! This lotion is perfect if you have troublesome skin, and will soon sort it out! 

Nourish and restore is suitable dry skin, and it's lightly fragranced. This is my favourite out of the two, with a fragrance that brings back memories, it sort of reminds me of talcum powder, with a bit of floral scents in there, either way I love the smell.  It nourishes the body and my body felt great after I used it, very smooth and it just left me feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated! 


                 What do you do to keep your body hydrated when winter weather comes along?

                                                                Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. I love the Nourish and restore one too....this reminds me I need to buy some more x

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