Amie Skincare New Leaf exfoliating polish

Hey Beauties,

So I have been sent another product from Amie Skincare to give a try. This time I am trying the New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish. It retails for £4.95.


As soon as you open the lid, a sweet, exotic, summer aroma drifts out. The smell of Mango and Orange is lovely and reminds me of the sun, it's one of the nicest exfoliating skin polishes I have smelt in a looong time!

One of the reason it smells so good, is due to the ingredients in it! It contains mango seed butter, orange blossom and bamboo beads. Bamboo is known for being very natural, and good for your skin it helps to slowly remove the dead skin cells! The mango seed butter helps to moisturise the skin, making sure it does not become raw or sore. The orange blossom helps to tone the skin and soften it.


Most exfoliators I find are to harsh on my skin and I will only ever use them about once a week, but this one has so many moisturising properties that I can use it almost three times a week without my skin feeling raw at all! It really did help clean out the pores on my nose, leaving me blemish and black head free, with exotic smelling soft skin. It helped also to give me more of an oil free T-zone.

I sometimes get one or two spots on my chest and shoulders, which at this time of year (especially this hot rare summer) is a complete nuisance, when I am trying to wear a strappy top or dress or even a bikini. After testing this out on my face, I decided to give it a whirl on my body, targeting mainly my chest and shoulders and within about 4 -5 days (about 3 uses) the couple of spots I had cleared right up and I had no worries about wearing my gorgeous dresses!

My conclusion, on this product, it's a bit of a miracle product, it exfoliates, moisturises and tones, it's a complete triple threat! And if that was not good enough it helps clean up spots too on the body! It has been one of my saviour products this summer!
For £4.95 I really can't argue the price for everything it does!

Do you have a favourite summer product?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


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