Flirties eye lash enhancer serum!

Hello beauties and fashionistas,

I have naturally really long eyelashes, but I always think they are not very thick! I have been sent a product by beautytrix, it's called Flirties, it's an eyelash enhancing serum that is ment to give you fuller, thicker and longer lashes in weeks.


It says to apply twice daily for 12-16 weeks until eyelashes have reached maximum length, then reduce to using it 2-3 times a week. This is there tip for maximum results. I haven't been using it for 12 weeks, but I have definitely noticed a difference in the thickness of my lashes.

Usually I don't really believe in serums like this, but after trying it my faith has definitely changed, I didn't notice a result until about 1.5-2 weeks in, but I think that's because it took a while to stimulate growth.

A 3ml bottle costs £19.95 which on a teenagers budget is a bit pricy, but if your eyelashes need to be either longer or fuller, I think it's worth it. 

My lashes, are thicker and fuller and I'm very impressed with the result! 

You can get a bottle of this from beautytrix.

                                                             Have you tried any serums?
                                                                           Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!



  1. Sounds awesome! I think most people could do with a little extra length and volume. Great post ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  2. Would love to try this but I'm a bit skint at the moment! Though, have you heard of the GOSH serum? Its £14.99 and claims to work in 2 WEEKS!

  3. I also like long eyelashes and i got this lashes after using Xlash eyelash serum. I bought xlash from here Ive been using xlash since August and the bottle isnt empty yet. I have now (noticeably)lovely long lashes and all of my friends are commenting about my eyelashes. I would definitely recommend this product.