Frontcover kits

Hi Beauties, 

So I was sent two kits of Frontcover cosmetics by a Pr company, I had heard many things about Frontcover cosmetics, one of the things I have heard is how easy it is to use, as there are professional tips and trends in it to help you out.

I was so lucky to get two kits, and very grateful, I have been so excited to try them out and put them both to the test!

Here are the two kits that I was given. 'Colours of the season' and 'Frontcover to go macaroons' both of these sets are from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

I had so much fun testing and creating looks and just playing about with these sets, it was great. 

Here is what is inside 'Colours of the season' I can't pick favorites with any of these sets, they are both different and lovely to use.

So in this set comes:
  • 3 baked powder eyeshadow in (from left to right) sandbank, coral reef and lilac lagoon
  • 3 mini lipsticks (again from let to right) coral peach, coral cay and coral sand
  • one double ended eyeshadow brush
  • one nail varnish
  • one cheek dome
  • one cheek brush
  • on eye pencil
This kit retails for £18 and I think you get a huge value for money, there are so many things in this kit!

The quality of the products is important as well! The baked powder eyeshadow is lovely quality it's very pigmented and lasts for ages, well over 3 hours. They are easy to blend with each other.
The lipsticks are great, they make my lips feel moisturised and luxurious and does not dry them out. It has a perfect shade for every one and is simple to apply and use, and very easy to take off. It lasts for a good amount of time, and only comes of a little bit when your drinking and eating, unlike quite a few other lipsticks I have tried.

I had never tried a cheek dome like this before, and to tell the truth I was a bit nervous too as the colours are not colours I would usually use ( I'm a pink girl usually) but not this time, I was really pleasantly surprised by this, it gives the perfect summer glow and beautiful flushed cheeks.
Both the eyeshadow brush and cheek brush are easy to use, and are soft and easy to clean.

The eyeliner I was really pleasantly surprised with it, when I opened it I expected a basic normal eyeliner, but this time it was like it was a solid eyeliner! (I'll put a picture below, it's hard to explain it in words)
I loved using the peach/coral coloured nail varnish. The brush was lovely to use just sweeps across your nails in a couple of strokes.  It dries fast and you only need to do about 2 coats.

Here is the look I did with the steps on the other side of the kit. I now understand what everyone else was talking about, it is so simple and easy to do, not to mention quick! I won't give you to much info on the step and tip I used, as I wouldn't want to ruin it for you, but I used the cheek dome, coral cay lipstick, the eyeliner under my eyes and the coral reef eyeshadow.
This is the nail polish, it is a perfect summer colour and quick drying.

Here is the end of the eyeliner, on the other side there is also a smudger.

 My verdict on this kit, that it's a summer must have! It has the perfect shades for summer, and with quick easy steps to follow you can have a great summer look in minutes!

Frontcover to go macaroons!

This kit was all eye makeup-which is great as eye makeup is my favorite! This even had a few items I have never used before! This set retails for £20.00 which I think is a very worth while investment! Especially if you love eye makeup like me!

In this kit it contained:
  • 8 Domed Baked Powder Eyeshadows
  • 1 Refillable Compact
  • 1 Double Ended Eye Brush
  • 1 Shadowbase Eye Primer
  • 1 Shadowline Eye Liner
First off I absolutely adored, the idea of a refillable compact, this allows me to take a compact when I visit my Dad or go away, this incredibly handy! Like the other set, the colours are so pigmented, I would actually say even more so than the other kit, the shades are simply beautiful and have a gorgeous sparkle and shine! The brush again is very easy and great to use, especially getting into the corners and to blend the colours!
The mirror is such a great touch, a perfect size to see your eyes in and to get perfect eye makeup!

The shadowbase eye primer is one of the things I have never used before, it looked a bit like a lipstick, so at first I was a little bit un sure, but as soon as I put it on, I realised I was being silly and it was easy to use! It helped keep the makeup in place and was the perfect shade and base for my eyes.

Lastly the shadowline eye liner is a product I have never heard of before, so I was really excited to try it out! I must say it's a new favourite of mine, this products allows you to use an eyeshadow as eyeliner, what is not to love, and especially using these gorgeous shades my eyes looked awesome!

Here is a look I di using the side of the kit, again really easy to do and so quick, but I loved the look of my eyes. I never really used a green for eyeshadow before I have always thought it would never suit me, but using the tips I felt confident to give it ago!

I also loved the way both kits were packaged as they look like books and I love it, I put them in my bookshelf and they blended in!

What do you think of these kits, would you buy them? Do you have any Frontcover kits?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!