Blog Birthday, and giveaway news!

Hey there,

Okay so it's not my 1 year blog birthday yet, that's not till July 23rd, but I am doing the post now, as July is going to get crazy, and that's due to the exciting giveaway coming up! But more on that later in the post!

So, it has been a whirlwind of a year, I am being featured in SHOUT magazine in August, I was shortlisted as 'Best Teen Blog' In company's Blog awards! I also have some more exciting news of what I've been featured in coming up, but it's a secret for now!
I couldn't have done it without you guys, you'll have been amazing and it's what has kept me blogging! So I can't thank you enough, butI can try with this giveaway news!
I have met and talked to so many new people due to my blog, it's given me an incredible amount of confidence too, before I started blogging I had no confidence, and it's due to my blog that I have become the person I am now!
I have to thank my Mum, (yes this seems to be turing into a stereotypical Oscar Speech) Anna (from life of a fashion nerd) She has been amazing! The rest of my familie, My step dad too, he has taught me so much especially about fashion he's a total boffin in that department!
Okay enough with the soppy stuff!

The giveaway!

So everyday from the start of July I will be giving away one item! I have teemed up with some great brands! Including The Konjac Sponge ComapnySkineticaElemis and much more! I also have a VERY big special prize but that will be given away later... and it's top secret for now!
I have also got a few bits and bobs myself! This is just a huge thank you, you have all been amazing and loyal!

So here is the boring but important bit, the rules!

  • A new giveaway will be open every day, so com back to check everyday!
  • Once one giveaway is open you have exactly one week to do all the steps, and the winner will be announced the same day the following week.
  • Some of these giveaways may be open worldwide, but not many (sorry) this is due to some companies will be ending out the products themselves!
  • You have to follow as many steps as possible!
  • NO CHEATING-  I will be checking
  • You can enter as many of the giveaways as you want!
  • I f you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!
So to start off with, here is the first giveaway, to win One Konjac Sponge! I have a few konjac sponges to giveaway, so don't be too sad if you don't get picked!

I blogged about the konjac sponge here:  CLICK HERE! To find out about the Konjac sponge!

This will be to win A 100% Konjac face sponge (for all skin types) This Giveaway is international too!

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  1. Happy Birthday for the 23rd Hunni. It's my Blog birthday this month too :D Yay!

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