Becoming a Benebabe!

Hey Beauties and Fashionistas!

So I am officially a 'Benebabe' I am the proud owner of a few benefit products, of course I have used benefit products in the past, but they were ones I Stole borrowed off my Mum. As you all my know it was Beauty week in Harvey Nichols (every department store has it's own beauty week) as it was beauty week it was 15% off on beauty products... which included Benefit! How could I not seize this opportunity, and luckily my Mum was down in Bristol, so she was amazing and popped into the Benefit area/bar and got me some products!

So I got three full sized products and a little goody bag of sample, that I will blog about in a separate post!

They're Real

After getting a free sample of the 'They're Real' mascara in Elle magazine, I fell in love, it is a superb mascara, it's the best selling mascara in the UK.  I am sure there have been plenty of posts on this little gem, but I just had to blog about it!
Benefit describes it as "It's the mascara that's beyond belief! This jet-black mascara lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates lashes for a spectacular "out-to-here" look."

I wore it to school, and within the second lesson I was told by a girl how long and amazing my eyelashes look. The wand is great, and my lashes didn't clump together they looked more natural than other mascaras I have tried, so it has not lied about separating the lashes. My lashes were lifted and had volume, it really does exactly what it says on the tin! It stays on really well, know amount of rain tears or eyes watering seems to budge it! I do have to use a powerful makeup remover to take it off, but to me it's worth it as the product is so good! It retails for £19.50 and I wear it every single day.
Here is a picture of me and my Elle magazine wearing it...sorry for the strange face!  You can see how long my lashes look, totally worth every penny!


I know that this product is extremely popular with the bloggers and many posts have been done on it, so I decided I would try this 'legendary' product (truthfully I have lusted after it for quite some time)

The aim of it is to make your skin look smooth, minimise your pores and just make your skin look flawless, this product is perfect for teenagers I think as my pores really did look smaller and not noticeable really, which is always a teenage girls dream! When I applied it my skin felt like velvet, it was so smooth...I kept have to stroke my face just to make sure I wasn't imagining it! I also noticed it helped make any redness on my skin or around any blemishes disappear. It lasts for ages, I get a full days wear out of it! 

A great think about it, is that it doesn't dry out my skin or making it oily which many primers/balms and products like porefessional can do. I now use it every day under my powder foundation and it fits into my morning routine nicely! This retails for £24.50 it comes in quite a small tube, but you need barley any of it, that it lasts for ages!

Posie Tint

This was actually the first ever benefit product I ever used, my Mum had one originally that I would be allowed to use for special occasions. When I found out about the 15% off I just had to buy my own!

It's a very bright light pink they call it a poppy pink, it is very easy to apply, it is a very liquid cream consistency, if you want really vibrant colours it is quite easy to build on, although I prefer to have it rather subtle, especially for school. It is really easy to apply to lips, the only downside I found was that it really tickled my lips, but that is not a really a down side (I am a very ticklish person). It took me a while to get used to it on my cheeks as I am so used to powder blushes, but it was really easy after about the 2nd/3rd time I tried it! It gives a perfect flush of colour especially for my skin tone!
The lips are subtle but a gorgeous pink colour! 

It is very easy to blend and seems to work well with all skin tones, it will last for ages as you don't need to use much, a little goes along way so it is worth the £24.50 it retails for, it is my favorite out of all the tints, and worth the money!

Have you tried any of these products??
Mia xoxo


  1. I am yet to try any benefit cosmetics.

    I've only just started with Urban Decay. I steal my mums elemis from time to time too, it's just like a goody bag on my mums vanity.

    1. They are really good! I am an urban decay lover too though! :) Haha I agree! :) x

  2. love it! def gonna check it out

  3. I love the porefessional! I use it like everyday haha x
    Amy |

  4. Wow!this is amazing!! I hope to travel down sometime to have a lookie at the beauty week! As you've convinced me to try out the products as I have heard so many mixed reviews on them! :)

    1. Sadly beauty week is over there, but try some other department stores! x