We're all going on a summer holiday no more blogging for a week or so.....

BONJOUR Beauties and fashionistas!

I have been flat out packing lately, as I am going holiday this half term to France with my best friend (who is half french-thank god as I can't speak french)

As you can see I have adapted some lyrics, which I am a bit proud of, to say that there will not be a post for the next week as I will only get internet on my phone!

I will try to keep up to date with tweets,photos and emails via my phone!

Let me assure you that it will be all back to normal next week, and I have some great posts planned including my new benefit makeup and my trip to France!

I will sadly be missing the Company Blogger awards...which I am gutted about but I am still so excited to be going to Auxelles Bas (where I am going....can't pronounce it though)

But do let me know how the awards go, will miss blogging, but will have so much to share when I am back!

Au Revoir!

Mia xoxo