The BodyShop Mists-A Fruit Salad Of Scents!

Hey There Beauties and Fashionistas!

You all may have seen that last week Body Shop had a flash 48 sale, that meant that everything was 40% off with free delivery! I was overjoyed, literally so happy as I have been carefully rationing myself on the last little drops of my Satsuma body mist! But at £7.50 and a holiday coming up, I didn't have a good enough excuse to get some more! Until then....Okay so maybe I went a bit crazy a purchased two body mists instead of my planned one!

I googled and did all my research on the scents, as I couldn't remember what they smelled like. After some intense reading of blogs I picked my two! I had the I have Mango and Pink Grapefruit! 

Also with me still clinging on to the hope of Summer, I wanted some fresh, nice and refreshing fragrance for Summer (fingers crossed)

What I have discovered with all 3 fragrances I have used is it is very light, not to overpowering yet you can just wear it by itself and you don't have to put any perfumes with it! 
The spray tops are great, they spray a very fine soothing mist! 

The tiny handful of hot days we have had in England have been amazing, this scent is amazing on ahot day, it's refreshing and smells amazing! The scent is a little less sweet than the mango, I find that it's very girly but not to sickly! I am so glad I chose this one, as it really does smell lovely! I love to spritz it around me after I have woken up as the scent is very uplifting. Although it's packaged in quite chunky glass bottles it is still easy to carry around in my school bag...although I am a bit worried that I may smash it!

This is the sweetest out of the two, it's still not sickly, but it's very sweet! You can really tell it's mango though, I almost feel it has a hint of vanilla but that could be me! It smells almost the same as the mango shower gel (which I love) I really love the fruity and very fresh smell it has! It lasts for a couple of hours, and can be a bit sweet if your used to a subtle/musk scent! I love it, and have had comments of how lovely I smell when wearing it!

Both of these products are 100ml and retail for £7.50 there are 8 to choose from, and I am pretty sure I will be getting more to add to my collection soon! 

Here is my post on the satsuma one (done when I first started my blog so could be a bit....dodgy) click here!


Mia xoxo


  1. I LOVE the Grapefruit one! I have used it so much this month and I really want to try the orange one now. Love your blog :)
    Kate x

  2. I bloody love the smell of body shop scents! I haven't tried one in ages I must go and have a look! ;)

  3. I found this really helpful! I have been looking for a really sweet body mist for ages because the ones I have tried have been very unfruity! But you convinced me to by these and I love them! They really do smell like the fruit itself And I the smell isn't too overpowerful and you wrote that your satsuma mist post was dodgy, but it's really good and this also made me buy this product! Thank you ever so much! You deserve much love! <3 I look forward to what you think about the other body mists! As you may convince me to buy them too! Haha! I love your blog it is very helpful!! :)
    Glittermelody xx

    1. Awh thank you so much, they are amazing and it has made me smile! x