FreshSkin By Elemis post 3

Hi Beauties and Fashionistas,

I can't believe how lucky have been the amazing people at Elemis, have sent me some more products to try out, I have most definitely been spoilt!

Also you ay have seen my tweets on Sunday or you may have heard that Elemis and Elemis fresh skin products were on QVC, and you can still buy them for great prices on the QVC website here :Click here!

This time I got, 'tired eyes soothing eye rescue' and 'Skin clear purifying face wash' both as usual come in beautiful packaging, that always gets me excited (I know-weird, I love the way products are packaged)

So the 'tired eyes soothing eye rescue,' I didn't realise how small this would be, but what I instantly learnt a little goes a hell of a long way, you need almost 0.25 of a size or a pea to do one eye and a bit! So 15 ml bottle goes a long way, it retails for £15. As teenagers we all experience the stress of exams/mocks and school, and sometimes we lose sleep (especially at the moment in exam season) I myself have lost sleep due to school and exams, which actually gave me the perfect opportunity to try this product out! In the morning after having little sleep, my eyes are always puffy, but after using this product my eyes were back to normal!! It was great, I didn't have the worry of looking tired at school, not only that they looked and felt refreshed! It is the perfect size to put in your bag if you need a wide awake fresh feeling in the middle of the day!
The key ingredients in this product are: Aloe Vera, Butchers Broom, Glycerine and Tetrapeptide.

Skin clear purifying face wash, was an instant hit with me, it's a bit more brutal with spots but still incredibly gentle at the same time , 100 times more gentle than products like clearasil and clean and clear! It is really good for blemish prone skin I find.  It has a bit of a scent, but it's not over powering and it's a nice smell! After use my skin is squeaky clean, and feels a lot less oily and visbly better! It contains antiseptic properties to thoroughly clean the skin! 
The key ingredients are: Extract of iris, zinc salt and Vitamin A! It retails for £12 and is an extremely good price, as it really does benefit teenage skin!

Have you tried any of these products, or now are you willing to try these products?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. love elemis! favourite moisturizing product out there xxx

  2. I need those tired eyes remedies!!