Fashion Targets Breast cancer!

Hi Beauties and fashionistas!

I was recently contacted and made aware of Fashion targets breast cancer, it is in it's 17th year of this campaign, where it raises awareness and money to combat breast cancer. I understand it is a very adult subject, but it is one that I feel incredibly strongly about!

The faces of it this year are 2 well known mother and daughter pairs Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Pearl and Daisy Lowe.

Fashion’s finest, Marks & Spencer, River Island, Warehouse, Topshop,, Coast, Laura Ashley and Debenhams have all launched exclusive Fashion Targets Breast Cancer products which carry a minimum 30% donation, this is fantastic especially with prices that are affordable for all ranging from £2.00-£275.00!

I think this is an amazing campaign that supports strong courageous women, around 1000 women die every month from breast cancer and almost 50,000 women and 400 men are diagnosed with it every year.

This is a perfect campaign as the fashion items catch both the young generation eye and the older generations too.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was set up in 1994 by (one of my favorite designers) Ralph Lauren who lost his close friend to the disease. He called upon the fashion industry to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer charities across the globe. It was not launched in the UK till 1996, and it has raised over £12.5 million pounds.

I really would recommend going down to one of the shops (listed above and getting one of the items) not just because it's far a great cause but also the items are gorgeous! Here are a few images!

Debenhams H! By Henry Holland (one of my favorite garments)

Marks and Spencers Bikini

Blue River Island bracelet

To find more info go to

What do you think of this campaign this year?

Mia xoxo


  1. Adore those jeans, lovely post.

    Jilly, ox.

  2. That bikini is beautiful! xx