You may have heard through my many tweets, of how much I want a pair of dungarees! I had a whole other post planned for today, but alas sadly I can't find my card reader to upload my photos! So I am doing this post on my 3 top dungarees. Okay so they all look similar, but at the same time they are all different!

I have also paired them with sunglasses and summer shoes...(I seem to be delusional thinking we are going to have a summer in England) The first pair of dungarees, are just pretty basic stone washed dungarees, I paired them with so flowery sandals just give them that festival/summer look!

The second pair, is a bit more quirky with rips in them, I paired them together with the John Lennon style glasses as both items are quirky, and I am in love with that style of sunglasses...and John Lennon himself!

Lastly the third pair again is pretty average, but I love the button detail it has! I paired them with bright green Toms, as I just felt it added a bit of colour!

What are your thoughts on dungarees?

Mia xoxo


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