veet precision wax and care!! And Hair removal!

Hi Beauties and Fashionistas,

In this post I am going to review and talk about Veet precision wax which I was sent by a PR company. I am also going to talk about hair removal, as teenagers finding the easiest and best way to get rid of unwanted hair is hard!

Hair removal!

I am going o talk about 4 types of hair removal, as they are the 4 types I have tried.
For some of them you just have to remember the phrase Beauty is pain! As they can be painful!

  • Razors/shaving- Probably one of the most common (I use this on my legs) It is a cheap and quick and you can it in the shower easily, it is also pain free. Issues with this is shaving does not last long, your legs get stubbly fast and you have to do it again, you also have to change your razor regularly as the blunt razor won't shave much off.
  • Epilation- I have only done this once, it did hurt, but it was very effective, as it grabs short hairs! Also you have to buy an epilator. When using them it's easier to stick to legs and arms as other areas hurt more and can be harder to use.
  • Creams- These smell nasty, but are better than shaving they remove hair from just below the skin surface, although they do not last s long as waxing or epilating. Before using always do a patch test as they contain chemicals that you may have an allergic reaction too!
  • Waxing- It lasts for weeks, and does give you very smooth legs and skin. It does hurt but after a couple of times you get used to it, it can sometimes be hard to wax at home if your not prepared so be careful!
Waxing now brings me on to the next part of this post, Veet precision wax and care!

Veet Precision Wax and Care!

A you can see it is double ended the pink end is the wax and the white end is the after care. I like the packaging and the size and design mean it is really great to take on holiday or if your travelling. It also comes with a small white spatula and 20 re-usable wax strips.It is specially designed for eyebrows, upper lip and chin (facial hair basically)
 The wax contains natural ingredients which includes Almond oil to nourish you skin. The after care cream contains aloe vera, it is meant to leave you skin feeling smooth and moisturised. The RRP is £9.99

How to use it: I was very impressed with how simple and easy it was to use.
You get a mug of boiling water and place the pink wax end in it for a minute, then take it out. Apply a thin layer of wax going in the direction of the hair growth. Place a wax strip, and smooth down, and the rip it off against the direction of the hair, after that apply the after care cream. Wash and waxy residue of with water.

How did I find this product?
I love how small and easy this product is to carry around. Also the heating and how to use it is very simple and great if your in a rush. It allows you to get a good shape brow, and really easy to apply to the eyebrow.

I have waxed at home and have had a professional wax before,it was interesting to compare them, obviously I am no where near as a trained beautician, so the outcome was a bit different! The price is very good, and it does the job well. I only had one issue which were, it seemed to only get the longer hairs rather than the smaller hairs which I had to use tweezers for, which was a shame being that I don't really like allowing my eyebrow hairs to get long before I wax them! But as a wax kit for home it was not bad! I can't choose between a 6/10 or a 7/10 so it's both!

Have you had any waxing experiences? Or tried this product?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


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