The war against spots!

Hello Beauties and Fashionistas!

 As any teenager knows spots are horrible,stressful and ugly! They always get in the way and are as annoying as exams! I have done a bit of research, to fight back and also I have used my past experiences!
( This is not medical advice, it is designed to be information)

So what are spots?
when you hit puberty, it causes hormonal surges, this can cause spots! Also it is a blocked pore or hair follicle. There are a few types they can be red, have puss or blackheads! They can sometimes be painful if a head is not showing, I often think it feels like a bruise! They are common on the face, back, chest and shoulders.

Taking action! 
It can be hard to fight back, each person has different ways and reacts differently!
Get into a regular skin routine! This will help your skin in general, and will help clean any excess oil from the skin! Although spots usually work best with products you leave on your skin e.g spot/blemish stick. A daily routine should consist of Cleanse, exfoliate,  moisturise, sun protection, spot action!
Always remove your makeup, it will clog pores which will not help spots. If you have really bad spots and they persist to go away, you can always go to a dermatologist ! These are people who specialise in skin! I went to a Dermalogica bar in Selfridges, this gave me a good understanding of my skin.

What are in some spot products?

  • Benzoyl peroxide- this dries out spots!
  • Salicylic acid- this will losen your skin cells and stop dead cells blocking pores.
Just be careful with some of these products, as over-drying of skin can actually sometimes make the skin worse! If you dry out too much of, your skin will try o make more, but the dry skin on the top from excessive chemical overuse will cause the skin layer to harden and block more pores thus creating more spots as the skin will not be able to breath properly!

If you ever decide to squeeze a spot, always have clean hands you do not want to make it worse, and use tea tree oil( I find it really helps with the war against spots)

Do you battle with spots, or have you conquered them if so how? 

Mia xoxo


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  3. Hello! Love your blog, so many useful things to know!

  4. I'm sure this post has helped quite a few people out. Dermologica do really great spot treatments. I'm starting to come out of my teenage years and thought I had escaped typical teenage skin but my skin has gone down hill suddenly. Drinking a lot of water helped clear my forehead up pretty quickly.
    Grace x