The search for the perfect school skirt!

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Since September I have had issues with my school skirts, my school has been strict on school skirts all mine have been to short or too tight. So I have been on a hunt to find THE ONE! I have had a phone call home for my skirt being too short! I understand why my school have a strict code but it is hard to find a school skirt that fits around my waist with out being too short. 

I have found Skater skirts are not to tight fitting, and I love the cut of them and how they draw in your waist.

The first skirt I purchased was from Topshop.

It's the Jersey skater skirt which is £16 (Link here)

I love this skirt, but I have been told it's too short, it comes up to mid thigh, or just under. It fits perfectly round my waist, but it did shrink a tiny bit in the wash! I now wear it out and about instead of at school as it is such an amazing skirt just not great for school. 6.5/10 

The next skirt I purchased was from Boohoo.

It's the Mandy Ribbed skater skirt for £12 (Link Here)

I got this skirt in a s/m as it was the smallest size. It's beautiful and textured. The waist is a bit big (only a bit) It wouldn't really matter but the fabric is a heavy and pulls it down a little. My Mum and me are going to pull it in so it stays in place. It's the perfect length for school though it sits about 2-3 inches above my knee and you can't argue the price.  6.5/10

The Last skirt I purchased was from Lipsy via Next.

It was £22 (Link here) The most expensive of the 3. 
Photos from Next.
The reason I don't have images for this is because I sent it back. I was really disappointed by this skirt, £22 is quite a bit for a skirt especially when I have purchased the others too. The reason this skirt was disappointing was because the fabric was see through, the fabric was not good quality and very cheap. I would not feel comfortable let alone appropriate to be wearing a see through skirt too school. It does look lovely in the photo though. 3.5/10 

Have you had trouble with school clothes/skirts?

Mia xoxo


  1. Super cute! I can wear just about anything to school but I have to stay within dress code (not too short, too distracting, no holes above the knee, etc)

    1. Thank you! That's what I have to do but the code is very strict! xx

  2. I got mine from river island and found that it was really well fitted:) I think it was about £12 x

    1. Oh great thanks I will have a look! xx

  3. Great post! at least you're lucky that you get to almost wear a nice skirt of your choice, I have to wear a kilt as my school skirt haha! :)