Nail art

Hola Beauties and Fashionistas!

Easter Tomorrow!  Who's excited? I am!!! 

Any way since it's the holidays I can wear nail varnish so I thought I would do a post and how I did the nail art :)

Sorry bit wet when I took the photo smudged them a bit!

I used two Maybelline  New york Forever Strong Pro Nail varnishes.

Really Rosy (202)

Taupe Couture (786)

To get this design all you need are 2 colours and some sticky tape!

Do the first colour( for me it was the pink) allow to dry, then get small stipes of tape and stick in desired location on the nail. After this get the second colour (for me the brown) and paint over the pink make ing sure you do not go over the tape!! After dried peel tape off and use a top coat ( I used nails Inc)

Have you done any nail art?

Mia xoxo


  1. Love those nails, clever design!

    Check out my blog?

  2. these look great, the colours go so well together :)


    1. Thank you Truthfully I did it by accident! :)