Gin-ki Bracelets

Hi Beauties and Fashionistas!

The other day I was sent 2 beautiful bracelets all the way from Italy! These are not yet sold in the U.K but I am really hoping they will be soon.

What makes these bracelets unique is that they are handmade from precious kimono fabrics. Each bracelet will vary and be different due to each cut of fabric being different. I love these bracelets as I love Japanese fabrics and patterns, it actually reminds me of the artist Ukiyo-e, as the patterns are similar. The fabrics are imported from japan.

Gin-ki bracelets is a project from jewellry designer Eleonora Beau and Unconventional Minds.

The logo of the Gin-ki bracelets is the Ginkgo Biloba .The information that came with the bracelets is:

 "It has always been considered as a sacred tree and powerful talisman. Its energy, source of prosperity  of vitality and fortune, is all contained in the pendent shaped in its distinctive leaf. The vibrations from the intense colours, together with the charm of this thousand years old tree, give life to Gin-Ki, the jewl to be worn with soul."

They came beautifully packaged in a gin-ki box.

This the purple bracelet I was sent. \i love the purple and it has vibrant colours of pink,blue,yellow and green
It is a but more chunky than the other bracelet.

This is the second bracelet i was sent, it is a double wrap around, and is a little bit skinnier than the other bracelet. I really like how the colours stand out from the black.

This is the leaf charm.

Here is the Gin-ki website if your would like to look at the range. (click here) 

What do you think of these Bracelets? Would you ever buy one?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. Oooooh they loooookingggg goood :) xx

    1. they are so unique i really like them. xx

  2. I have included your logo on my blog and I have followed! I love your blog and I really want to try these bracelets now! Can't wait until they come to the UK!

    1. Thank you! They are lovely!! x

  3. they look so gorgeous i want one! heheh xx

    1. I know I can't stop wearing them! x

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