Essence cosmetics

Hi Beauties and Fashionistas,

The weather here is awful! Raining and this morning it was snowing!

I got some lovely goodies given to me by Essence cosmetics, the other day and I have been enjoying playing around with them.

As you can see I got some lovely goodies from them.




  • 2x Stay all day long lasting eye shadow in 'Camp Rock' and 'Stars & Stories.' These are both shades of silver and don't last all day, but they last for a very long time, I swatched it on my hand and it stayed nicely! 
  • 2x colour and shine eye shadow in 'Milky Way' and 'Divas love drama.' They have a nice shine to them and really pigmented.
  • I was sent a beautiful pink lipstick in 'Lovely Lady.' It is a very nice pink and almost blends in with the natural colour of my lips, so it is not quite as bright as it looks.
  • I was given 1 Essence eye shadow in 'Forest gump.' This too has a shine to it, it's a lovely earthy green colour and it stays nicely. 
  • I got XXXL nudes lip gloss in 'Forever Rose.' It is shimmery and perfect for school, as it is a nude and it gives a perfect bit of shine.
  • Multi action false lashes mascara, it has a lovely brush and it is really nice to use.
  • Lastly I got smokey eyes set in 'Purple Maniac.' It comes with a brush and one is a powder eye shadow he other is a cream.
So these are all the awesome things I got! 

Essence hold lots of giveaways on there Facebook page ( there last one, was to meet Justin Bieber-for all you people who like him) Click here to like

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. Hi Mia! So did they send you these free as a gift? x

  2. hi dear,
    very interesting to find that out.
    all the explanation I can imagine the result, hmm very natural at all.
    warm regards,

  3. I love the creams the colours look gorgeous they remind me of the 17 cream shadows the wild eyes i think they were called?

    1. Yeah I think that's what they were called, your right they do remind me too! x