The Rocky Horror Show

Hi Beauties, 

So last Wednesday (6th) I went to The Rocky Horror Show. You may have seen the Photo on my Twitter. 

The show was spectacular! It was the 40th anniversary tour, Starring Rhydian, Oliver Thornton (who is also a lifestyle blogger here), Ben Forster and Roxanne Pallett. Here is the link for the site ROCKY HORROR!

I still have the songs stuck in my head! And I definitely time warped my socks off! 

So Here is what I wore:

I not really sure what I would call my dressing up, it is sort of a man-ish look but still very femmine. I had big black eyeliner flicks, and I back combed my hair into a quiff. 

  • I wore a white blouse ( from Marks & Spencers)
  • A waist coat (From my sister not sure where from)
  • Black Ribbon as a sort of bow tie ( I ordered the ribbon off ebay)
  • Navy shorts (from Primark)
  • Brown detailed tights (borrowed off my Mum)
  • Pink and black braces ( Again from my sister)
  • Black high heeled brogues ( From everything5pounds) 
I really recommend seeing the show, I saw it in Aylesbury but I think their next destination is in Liverpool, so if you live near there I would definitely give it a whirl!

Mia xoxo


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