Hoobynoo World Interview

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It is most definitely feeling like spring now! I caught up with the lovely Chiara from Hoobynoo world!

Hoobynoo World, is an online store filled with cute acrylic/handmade characters. It is very affordable and is very unique, I love how each character has a name and it's own back story.

Here is the link for the site: Hoobynoo World

Here is the interview:

1) what got you into creating the cute characters and creating Hoobynoo world in general?

I used to make cute animal brooches out of felt for my previous shop CLS Creations, so the initial whale and elephant necklaces came from those designs. I had the idea one day that they could work as Acrylic jewellery which I could create from my own illustrations. It would be less labour intensive than making the brooches and I might actually be able to turn it into a real business that could make money.

2) What inspires you when creating the Hoobynoo world characters?/ when was Hoobynoo Word created?

I was planning the idea for the business for a long time, in the end it was officially established in April of 2012
I tend to think of what is popular, what animals or objects I think people would like to see and what will sell. I don't always get it right, but I try to be guided by my instincts. I also do take special requests from time to 

3) Who is your favourite Hoobynoo world character?

Ooh that's a tricky one, I have quite a few favourites. But probably Rhianna the Rainbow as I love rainbows and bright colours. I also love Solly the Sun, Harry the Hedgehog, Sally the Strawberry and Florence the Flamingo. I try to wear my own jewellery wherever possible.

4) How long does it take to make and craft your hand made items?

It can take me a good 1-2 hours to create the artwork for each necklace. I then have them digitally printed onto the acrylic and laser cut by a company in the UK. My husband and I then spend most of our evening assembling them onto the chains and postcards.
The handmade felt brooches and hair clips can take 2-3 hours to sew each one. 

5) Where did the name for Hoobynoo world come form?

Originally it was going to be Hoobynoo Zoo, as it was mostly animals, but then I thought it would be better to make it Hoobynoo World as it gave more scope. The name just came to me I wanted something cute and made up, my husband is a children's author so he's used to making up names so we brainstormed together and came up with Hoobynoo :)

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this - always great to hear from people working in design and these are so cute!
    Fantastic interview!

    1. Thank you Kieron, it means a lot! :)