The Little Deer Interview!

Hi Beauties,

So I was lucky enough to get an interview with Jade from The Little Deer. 

Make sure you follow and take a look at the site as it is gorgeous, it features vintage clothes and some also amazing brands of clothes!

1) When was your store created?

 I set up The Little Deer in my second year of university but as I was very busy (studying Photography BA Hons) I only worked on the website in my spare time. It is only in the last two years that I have traded at Markets and Fairs in London and Brighton and The Little Deer has grown rapidly in these last two years

2) What trends are you loving?

 Very very excited for the summer! I was putting together a Spring Photoshoot mood board on Pinterest the other day and got totally carried away with the thought of pastel colours and braided hair! I love the new round sunglasses trend - we will be getting some in at The Little Deer mid Feb however generally trends that excite me the most are the people that just dress for themselves and don't follow a 'trend' as such. Its so lovely to see a guy or girl confidently strutting down the street in something I would never dare to wear! 

3)Are there any fashion designers that inspire you?

I don't follow couture or very famous fashion design all that much but rather small independent designers. The ones at the moment I feel are showing the most potential are Pretty Snake - an American guy called Joseph Segal who is currently on season 11 of Project Runway in America. This guys designs are super crazy! We recently welcomed a small collection of his crazy cat knits to The Little Deer and we will be getting another order from him in a month or so. Watch this space! (see Pretty Snake on The Little Deer Here )

Another designer who I think is doing so well at the moment is Brighton Based Hannah - known as Wolf and Moon. Wolf and Moon is the fastest selling brand we stock here at The Little Deer. Take a peak at her geometric wooden and perspex designs Here.

We will be getting another order of items from Wolf and Moon very soon. 

4)What is your favorite item in your store at the moment?

4) At the moment my fave item in our store is this Crazy Cat Jumper. I have one myself and I cant stop wearing it everywhere!! Maybe i'll grow to be 50 years old and live with no one apart from hundreds of cats! Link here! (a photo of me wearing this can be found on the given link. I'm the one in front of the green door!) 

5) Where do you look  when you want to look at up an coming trends?

5) A great source of fashion inspiration is but mainly at the moment I use Pinterest to get inspiration for outfits and fashion. See my Pinterest 'Style Icon' board here:

6)Where did the name Little Deer come from?

 Deer's are beautiful creatures but very shy and modest. The Little Deer is my baby and it's a place for ladies to shop who want to get something not to LOUD that they can welcome into their wardrobe and style to their taste. We don't provide clothing that does the talking for you, instead we provide beautiful, individual pieces that a customer can say their own statement with, however they wish!

Make sure you check out the site and follow on Twitter!

Mia xoxo


  1. That jumper is so cute I love it! :)

    Chloe xxxx

  2. Lovely sweater, great post.