2012 Top Ten Products!

Hi Beauties,

Thought I would do a post on my top 10 products of 2012. These may be makeup skincare etc.. Just a bit of everything that I love!

These are not in a order, as I found it so so so hard to pu them in one! In my eyes they are all amazing!


I know this is technically 2 scents, but these are my favorite! I also love the Harajuku lovers brand! I did a post on them in October. I think it is a really lovely scent especially for teenagers!
You can get these from boots and online.


The Konjac sponge, has to be one of my must haves! They are so unique and wonderful. They do there job perfectly I would recommend them to everyone! Another plus is that they have different types for different skin types, which means you get the one that suits you! They even do a baby sponge. I also did a review and giveaway in 2012.

Get the sponge from The Konjac Sponge Company Here


My favorite colour is turquoise/light blue. This has to be one of my favorite nail paints as it is my favorite colour. Not to mention I always think Barry M nail paints are affordable and very good quality. Tis is in the colour Turquoise it is priced at £2.99 and you can get it from boots and Barry M's website Here.


This is Witch's Naturally Clear Oil Control Foaming Face Wash 150ml. I love this product, it is gentle and effective. It makes my face feel fresh and makes it look clear. I got mine from Superdrug.


I am always wearing this. It is from the makeup company Miners and the lip paint is called the matte factor. Mine is in peach for £3.99 from Here. It lasts for ages and gives a lovely matt finish.


I was given this book to blog about just before it was published. I think this book is a must have for every teenage girl. It teaches you about makeup, hair, health, posture and so much more. I did a review on it in 2012. I really recommend this book and you can get it from places like Amazon. It's RRP is £9.99


I am always wearing my Body Shop body mist. Mine is in satsuma, which at first I always thought was a very strange thing to have has a body mist, but this was before I had smelt it and as soon as I did I just had to buy it. My friends love it too.
You can buy them for Body Shop for £7.50 Here


I wear my No.7 BB cream to school everyday, it is so much better than any foundation or powder I have used. Mine is in fair and it is Hypo-allergenic. It also has a spf 15 in it. I purchase mine from Boots.


This is an OPI's nail polish, it is called Chapel of love. I got this from a beauty show but they roughly retail for about £6.00, this is great to use as the brush is amazing and the colour is very pigmented. I am also in love with this colour pink at the moment.


I was given my Lip cote by another blogger Anna, from The Life Of A Fashion Nerd. Before I got it, I had been wanting it for ages, and was so happy when I got it. It does a very good job and when it dries has a bit of a vanilla scent. you Can get it from Lipcote's website Here.

Well that is my 2012 top 10.

Are there any products you loved in 2012?

Mia xoxo


  1. I also love turquoise and light blue colours for my nails!
    Great post :)