Harts + Crosses Interview

Hello Beauties,

So here is another interview, I spoke to the lovely Nicky from Harts + Crosses, a fabulous online jewellery and clothing shop! I really recommend taking a good look at the site, everything is trendy and amazingly priced! Harts+Crosses link

My personal favorite item has to be "Mint" a mint coloured jumper that just looks so cozy and warm for winter!

Right then, Here is the interview!

1) When was your store created?
The store first opened May 2012. I was actually selling before that on ebay, but it was so impersonal. I wanted to have more freedom over design and a better relationship with my customers.

2) What trends are you loving?
STUDS! Everything is just studded; hats, bras, leggings, shorts, tops.. It's so edgy and fabulous!

3) Where was the name Harts+crosses inspired from?
I have absolutely no idea! I genuinely cannot remember how it came upon me!

4)Are there any fashion designers that inspire you?
Alexander McQueen is one that always inspires me. 

5)What is your favorite item in your store at the moment?
Its hard to choose just one, I love everything I make/sell, but if I had to choose one, it would be Ge-Ode-Dow. It's so pretty and different.

6)Why did you set up Harts+Crosses?
I started making jewellery for myself, until my friends wanted pieces too and then their friends, so that was one reason. I also wanted to make something I could be proud of. It such an amazing feeling when someone loves what you've made it and you see pictures of them wearing it. It makes it all worth while.

7)Any advice to anyone looking to start a online business like yours?
Plan, research and save! Plan out when you want to make and write down everything (prices, pieces, wholesalers etc), research your target audience and save up until you get a good amount of start up money. 

8)Dead or alive are there any Celebs/Models that you would want to model on your site?
Brittany Murphy (RIP) or Jennifer Love Hewitt. They are so beautiful and very talented. They totally had the type of style I aim for. 

9) What are your favorite stores?
We could be here forever!! Bershka, Nelly, New Look, Forever 21, HM, Rare, The Outnet, Brand Alley.. 

10) Where do you look at, when looking at trends!
I'm very into bloggers! I'm always looking at blogs for trends. Also Pinterest is great, it has everything you could think of.

Make sure you check out there Twitter page for all the latest updates and offers! HERE

Merry Christmas

Mia xoxo


  1. Great interview and I am proud to own some pieces from this lovely lady.